View Full Version : DAX Stone guards Bulk purchase - gauging interest, so add your name here...

04-07-17, 06:39 PM
This is early days, but I may place a bulk order for these DAX stone guards if I think there are a few folk out there in need of a pair. So - quite simply, state your interest on here and let's see what the situation is. Thanks. - Glenn.

04-07-17, 08:35 PM
Sign me up for a pair.


26-08-17, 04:03 PM
Yes please though may have missed boat

28-08-17, 11:59 PM
JK Sportscars Ltd. The situation is within their capable hands now, I'm happy to say.

02-11-17, 05:05 PM
Have ordered a pair too. Got the information from John Kox that they will be available end of november 2017.

10-11-17, 06:00 AM
The planning is that the first batch will be in at the end of next week.

24-11-17, 06:28 AM

I know that a lot of people are waiting on these. The first batch last week where only two sets. The next large batch, more then 20 sets, should arrive upcoming week.

24-11-17, 06:59 AM
Hi John,
thanks for the update.
Just for clarity what are they made of?
Stainless, Aluminium and are they polished or brushed?
And of course the price?
Many thanks.

26-11-17, 04:40 PM
Hello Kev,

the are made of stainless stell and polished. A pair is £ 195 without VAT.