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06-09-17, 11:37 AM
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Hi to you all,
August has been a bit of a mixed month cobra-wise.

We had a good show of cars (6 cobras) at The King’s Head for August’s meet. As it was (understandably) summertime and the sun was making a rare appearance, some of us elected to sit out in the garden to drink (and eat – a fine tuna mayo baguette for Steve whilst many went for the roast options).
Mark Buxton’s arrival in his Dax was accompanied by a strong smell of petrol. A quick crawl under the car revealed a leaking plastic fuel filter. So, Mark quickly followed Andy Soar back to his (conveniently close by) workshop to apply a temporary pair of mole grips to the pipework to enable a later repair. All this was a bit of a panic as Mark and family were due to go on holiday the following day. Fortunately, no fires or ruined afternoons.
Smells and irritations lead us to then have a detailed discussion about bees and wasps and their various pluses and minuses. What to wasps DO?? Of course, collective eating and the dilemma of what to have for pudding opened up the age-old can of worms of custard or cream. Andy & Joy, 2 x Marks, Guy, Andy E, Richard and his family joined the big black Dax for a fine Sunday afternoon. Cheers.

Of course, another collection of cobras was had later in the month at the funeral and Service of Thanksgiving for Cefin Mobbs.
The church was full to capacity, and friends and family gave very moving accounts of their memories of Cefin.
Cefin and Ann’s son, Kristian, brought along Cefin’s GD, which was decorated with floral tributes. Those of us in cobras then made a little display of cars alongside.

Now to this month’s meet on Sunday 17th September. This month, we have decided to go along to a local car show, the 'East Anglian Practical Classic & Sports car show', held at the Oaksmere Hotel, Brome, Eye.
We have had replies from about 6 cars so far and we have requested a club area, where we can display our new shiny club Banner.
Info from the organisers - We would like cars to be in place by 10am please. The show is a non-commercial one with the emphasis on supporting our 2 charities as well as having a good day, we hope, with other car owners. We have booked good quality food and drink; the Oaksmere will provide the bar and they will be open as well for lunches (but please book) and bar meals. However, we do understand that some car owners will wish to bring picnics. The main charities will bring their stands and we have a couple of other charitable stalls.
We will not charge car owners directly but there will be collecting boxes - all donations gratefully received. We will also hold a raffle.
The Oaksmere Hotel is at Brome on the A140, a couple of miles south of the Norfolk / Suffolk border. http://www.theoaksmere.com/events/
On the off chance that it is smashing down with rain that day, we can have a ‘standby’ visit pencilled in at 12:00 at the White Horse Inn, also on the A140, further south at the Thornham Magna crossroads.
We’ll see you at Oaksmere.

We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
If you have a recommendation or favourite venue, please let us know.
October 2017 - West Suffolk
November 2017 - East Suffolk
December 2017 – Christmas meal
January 2018 - West Norfolk
February 2018 - East Norfolk

We’re always on the lookout for pub recommendations and event info for 2017/18 – if you have a recommendation or favourite venue, please let us know.

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