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06-02-18, 12:07 AM
I've finally taken the decision to build my aluminium Cobra, so my unstarted 289 Hawk Sebring is now up for sale. It's a new body and chassis which comes with pedal box, seat belt mount frame, Raydot mirrors, all latches and catches fitted, headlights and tail lights. It also has the curved plexiglass aero screen. It has a fibreglass centre console and a fibreglass dash with drop down centre, glovebox panel, riveted bonnet scoop and stainless bonnet stay

I also have a complete1978 MGB donor car registered in my name on the V5c

There's a pair of Ken Miles style racing bucket seats,

It comes with a rebuilt early '70's Ford 302 engine with 4bbl intake manifold. It also has a toploader gearbox and bell housing.

There are a pair of 225-60-15 tyres and a pair of 295-50-15 rear tyres.

There's other parts with the car, but it would take too long to list it all.

The Hawk is reputedly one of the best made Cobra kits on the market and it's quite possible to build this car in a very short period of time. It really is a tab A into tab B build, so could quite easily be on the road before Summer. I'll try and post up some photos later today.

Asking price is £16500 ono for everything, which is waaay cheaper than it would cost to buy all of this stuff separately. Hawks don't come up for sale very often, so if you're genuinely interested please call me on 07548154715
Cheers... Nige

06-02-18, 12:12 AM
There are a few photos of the car in the build forum 😉

06-02-18, 09:34 AM
Sorry, posted that late last night, half asleep and put the wrong price in its £14500 for everything 😉
Cheers Nige