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Ian C
06-03-18, 03:57 PM

With the Beast from the East, storm Emma and all the RED & Amber weather warnings (we used to call it "Winter"!) now hopefully behind us it is time to prepare for the road (alright Geoff, I know some have never been off the road!). Looking ahead to the balmy spring weather of April I have leafed through my copy of "Morgan's Historic & Classic Vehicle Events Yearbook" and come up with some local events that may be of interest -


Event & Name



Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society; Ryhope Engines Museum
Pre 1998 vehicles; 10am till 3pm


RetroTorque: Lunch at Punch Bowl Inn, Marton cum Grafton N. Yorks
Lunch from 11am - 3pm


American Cars R Us; The Green, North Tce., Seaham
Yanks Only,
4pm till 6pm


MG Northumbria & NECPWA; Drive It Day - 100ml run, start at Linskill Tce., N. Shields
Starts at 10:30 am


Bellingham Classic & Vintage Vehicle Day, Bellingham Heritage Centre


Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society; Drive It Day, start Herrington Country Park
Gary Davison Memorial Run


Middlesbrough Motor Club; Drive It Day, start Coulby Manor, Coulby Newham
Sporting cars & bikes


MG Car Club (Durham); Bobby Shafto Hills of the North Run, start Beamish Hall Hotel
£20 entry

In addition to the above there is, of course, the monthly NE&NY CRC Meet at the Manor House Inn on Sunday 15th April. Let me know if any of the above are of interest or if you know any background that might help people decide.


06-03-18, 06:29 PM
Hi Ian,
I'm still waiting for bits for the engine from Devon racing - it'll be a year this end of March since I sent the block / heads off.... which means my car is in limbo but on a more positive note, are we eating at the Manor house on the 15th?? :D

Ian C
06-03-18, 07:36 PM

Was that the closest engine builder you could find!? Seems and awful long time, have you had updates and reasons for the timescale?

Whether we eat at the Manor House Inn or not will depend on whether a road trip is included in the days agenda. We will have to decide once we know who is going and what the plan is.

As the saying goes - watch this space.

Take care,

07-03-18, 12:35 PM
Not the closest engine builder but was 'recommended'. I can't really say much more just in case I prejudice future events....
I had to buy another car (MX-5) to do the Switzerland trip and I'll probably go to the Manor Inn in it - although I'll obviously park it round the back. 8-)