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20-05-18, 08:23 AM
Hi All.

Usual venue (The Swan at Three Mile Cross, off M4 J11) from 12:15.

I was hoping to be there in my Dax, having completed all the Corsa B EPAS steering column and switchgear work, getting it taxed, and even washing it! However, yesterday's very brief road test wasn't good - the steering felt vague, and the steering wheel was offset to the right when driving straight, despite having been spot on before I set off!

I'm running brand new Hankook Ventus Evo 2 tyres, which I know are currently very slippery as the car kept sliding down the slight slope in my garage despite having a chock on the rear wheel! So hopefully that explains at least some of the vagueness. But the offset wheel has me puzzled at the moment. I suspect the torque sensor may need adjusting, but my understanding is that if it's out it normally means a permanent pull to one side, whereas this didn't feel like a pull while driving - just an offset as if the wheel itself needed moving a notch on the shaft. With the front wheels off the ground they don't turn by themselves when the EPAS power relay kicks in.

Anyway, in trying to get the steering wheel off I've managed to bend the Momo hub and the steering wheel - and still the damn thing won't budge on the column shaft! My puller is too small, so I'm borrowing one from Rob. If only I'd bench tested the EPAS column before I fitted it .....

So it's the tintop for me again today - ho hum!

Happy Jim
20-05-18, 07:35 PM
you may want to chuck a couple of extra degrees of Caster in to assist the self cantering & feel (I did and it was subjectively “better” than before).



20-05-18, 08:41 PM
Gay steering & slippery tyres ;) hahahahaaaaaa

20-05-18, 09:45 PM
There's no hope for me Tony - at this rate I'll be painting it yellow next! ;)

Jim - thanks for the tip. I'll research this, as I'm not sure if and how caster changes might impact the camber compensation system on the De Dion.

From some further static testing I did this morning I think the cheap potentiometer-based controller I fitted is permanently on maximum assist. I have a speed actuated controller that I'll wire replace it with once I've sorted out a mounting for the proximity sensor for the propshaft nuts. This system has an operation mode whereby it gives medium assist up to one speed, then low up to another, then no assistance after that. I only want the EPAS to operate when parking and when negotiating hairpin bends, so I'll probably set those speeds at 10mph and 25mph.

I have a spare column, so I'm hoping to put that in tomorrow and run another test - initially with the EPAS switched off.

It's all good fun .....

20-05-18, 10:01 PM
Aha - I've just checked the build manual, and the caster/castor angle can't be changed with the CCAR system!

20-05-18, 10:20 PM
There's no hope for me Tony - at this rate I'll be painting it yellow next! ;)

It's all good fun .....

Good choice !

03-06-18, 03:43 PM
Hi Guy’s

Just a short note to ask if any of you were at the Pangbourne Classic car day yesterday, there were 4 Cobra’s there. It was a very good relaxed event with 200 very different classic’s



03-06-18, 05:19 PM
Hi Rich,

Neither Rob nor I were there - we were both doing battle with our car-to-car radio systems. We set off for Davos in two weeks time, and we always seem to leave the radios to the last minute!

We had an impromptu "mini meet" this afternoon together with Steve Ault at The Bell in Aldworth - one of my favourite country pubs! It gave me a chance to test the Corsa EPAS conversion on country roads. I'm pleased with it, especially as it's enabled me to move to a 320mm steering wheel, which I much prefer to the previous 350mm one.

We'll be setting off for Folkestone on Sunday 17th, so we won't be at the next Thames Valley meet - I think that's a pretty good excuse though! ;)