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08-07-18, 09:42 AM
While not strictly part built, the car is not on the road.

Sadly I've come to the realisation that due to time constraints, I'm never going to get this car completed and It needs to be finished before it goes on the road.

Hawk 289 AC Cobra Replica manufactured by Hawk cars.

The car is fitted with a fully rebuilt Rover V8 3.5 ltr engine, rebuilt 5 speed gearbox, fully reconditioned Jaguar independent rear axle, Brand new "Hawk" Tubular front suspension, New Willwood 4-pot brakes, New "Hawk" leather seats, New instruments, New carpets, etc etc (all receipts to prove)

This car is complete, running and driving but needs to be IVA'd and registered before it can be driven on the road.

There are several jobs to do before it can be submitted for an IVA test,

The spinners on the wheels will not pass the IVA and need to be changed to the IVA compatible type

A heater needs to be installed for demisting purposes

The rear lights need to be changed for IVA compatible lights

The bonnet boot locks and number plate light would all fall would of the IVA test and need changing

There may be several other things but only minor.

Seat belts, wiring (warning lights etc) are all IVA compliant, It is fitted with an IVA compliant screen and mirrors. I think the overriders at the front may need removing, there are no side repeaters fitted (but the wiring is in place) the aluminium side vents are not IVA compliant so will need removing or covering.

There is a huge box of IVA compatible parts that comes with the car that will need to be fitted before it goes for the IVA test. These include IVA compatible lights, steering wheel, spinners, bonnet and boot locks, a brand new heater and ducting as well as a pair of MX5 seats

The car comes with approx £30,000 worth of receipts (mainly from Hawk cars including the receipt for body and chassis) V5C logbook from a donor MGB GT along with some build-up pictures of the chassis.

It also comes with a dating letter for the engine (1984 block) which you will need for the IVA emissions test.

The car has a fitted tonneau but no hood.

The car is fitted with new chrome wire wheels (5 off) with new tyres

If you have any questions or would like to view the car, please call me on 07802 463848 Simon

Car is currently on eBay here.....https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hawk-289-AC-Cobra-replica/153090056366?hash=item23a4e0e0ae:g:6bEAAOSw7yZbQLo ~......but if a forum member would like to ring with a sensible offer (please don't ask "what will you take....or whats a sensible offer") then please feel free.