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11-09-18, 12:14 PM
Just testing the water before I put it on Ebay, but I'm considering selling my part build Gen II AK as a young family and a growing list of jobs that need doing on a house have re-focus'd my prorities.

There's still a lot of work left to do to get it IVA'd but I have pretty much every part your going to need to get it on the road, my parts listing is as follow....

AK by supplied:
Chassis (Aug 17)
Body, supplied in sky blue gel coat
Shocks and Springs
Fuel Tank
Engine bay Cladding
Single three legged Roll Bar
Handbrake cable
Steering column bearing
Exhaust Escutcheons
Steering column extension
Wiring Loom

Not supplied by AK
Rover V8 Engine and LT77 Gearbox (could easily be converted to Chevy with some new mountings, and a Chevy Engine of course)
Polo Heater with a New heater matrix
BMW Steering Column
Rover 25 Servo
Fully reconditioned donor parts and log book
New Discs, Pads and shoes
Reconditioned Rack
Reconditioned Rad
all brake Flexies and piping completeAK Side pipes Exhausts
Bailey Morris Prop Shaft
Boot Hinges and Demist vents
ETB Guages
17" Image Wheels and tyres
Carpets and interior in stone leather with blue piping (supplied by AK's supplier)
Brasscraft Windscreen and Filler Cap
Wipers and full lock set
Clutch Master Cylinder
Fuel pump
Washer Bottle
All lighting
Quick release battery terminals
Edelbrock 500 Carb
PAS Pump
Slave Cylinder
Cooling Fan
Savage Switches

If there's anything missing, its not a lot.

PM me with your Email address with question or for photos, looking for £26k.