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20-10-18, 03:00 PM
Hi Guys,

I am concerned about the height of the fuel filler cap that I purchased from finish line. Whilst I like it, my concern is the acceptable height above the body of the opening lever above the body for IVA.
I have made sure that all edges are 3mm radiused (might not show in the images) but am aware that there is a restriction on height.......or am I missing something?
Also I can remove the covering cap to reveal the locking cap below which would eliminate the height situation, or would this be seen as trying to avoid the issue and will fail on some other aspect?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


20-10-18, 04:05 PM
I think 50mm is your height limit. But are you sure that will open all the way without hitting the body, I thought the alignment had to be different to that?

The 50mm is measured off the wing, not the bottom of the recess.

20-10-18, 05:38 PM
I agree with Craig. Getting the opener in the correct position takes a bit of sorting using the various gasket sizes. I moved my filler to one side a little and tightened up the cap until it was a bit further round to the right to where your photo shows. If you do not get it in the correct position, you cannot open up the cap fully and it marks the body.

20-10-18, 07:54 PM
You might get away with rotating the cap on you existing hole positions

We tightened the cap on the base then marked and drilled to suit

We also used one of the mounting screws to attach the earth to underneath too


21-10-18, 08:08 AM
For information: I failed on this point at Gillingham using Brasscraft Aston roller rocker cap.

Countless cars have passed with this, so its damned annoying. There are several ways in which 'the projection height' can be measured, as this is not laid down clearly in the regs. I fell foul of a less favourable interpretation.
There are solutions out there, pm me if you need some assistance.

21-10-18, 08:39 AM
Thanks for the replies guys.

Charlie; I had it orientated similar to yours but the latch side stuck out way too far for my liking. I then drilled and set a stop in the hinge side to prevent the lid hitting the body by a couple of mm.
I wasn’t aware that I needed an earth on the filler cap, but if necessary is an easy addition.

Kev, pm sent.

Cheers guys.

21-10-18, 10:46 AM
The filler cap must be earthed for IVA.

06-08-19, 07:54 PM
To follow on with my fuel cap dilemma........I had one made for IVA purposes. I couldn’t use the normal 3.5 inch caps out there because my filler is a 4 inch one from Finish Line in the States.
A Local engineering company made this which is tethered and vented. The radius is 4.5mm on the top edge so hopefully should now pass without issue. Once I have gone through IVA, if there is anyone else thinking of using the FinishLine filler caps, I have a solution;)

06-08-19, 08:44 PM
Kevin W
pm sent

Jon W

Gatwick Axe Man
06-08-19, 09:02 PM
Still no like button! Do you think they could/would make another one?


07-08-19, 06:14 AM
Still no like button! Do you think they could/would make another one?


I could ask but it wasn’t cheap at £95

07-08-19, 06:15 AM
Posted in error

Gatwick Axe Man
07-08-19, 08:11 AM
Boss Lady, she say NO! Seeing as I don't actually need one right now I'll just quietly put the credit card back and hope she didn't notice it was missing.