View Full Version : Gear knob and IVA

20-08-19, 08:17 AM
Quick question regarding the gear knob and IVA.

Does it need to have a legend indicating the location of the gears either on the knob itself or somewhere visible?



20-08-19, 08:41 AM
I passed iva with no legend or anything else indicating the location of the gears. Nothing in the iva manual to say you need to have this

20-08-19, 10:01 AM
....and as long as you aren't going to Gillingham! :-P ;)

20-08-19, 05:18 PM
Didnt seem to care on my picky inspector the other day and not read anything in the IVA book !

20-08-19, 09:26 PM
Thanks guys, just thought best to check.......I’m at that panicking to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything stage so be prepared for more WTF questions:rolleyes:

20-08-19, 09:52 PM
I failed my IVA a few weeks ago, happy to share my experience with you and compare notes. PM me if you would like. I am currently fussing if I have done everything exactly by the book as I really do not want another retest!