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20-08-19, 09:18 AM
Just thought I would share a nice experience with you all

my GD needs a bit of suspension adjustment just to raise the rear ride height and maybe stiffen it a bit now it’s settled down I have Protech Coilovers via GD and I called them for some advise which I duly received and then realised I needed a C spanner so I thought I would order it from their website. Well I had a little trouble at check out so called Protech again to order it over the phone with credit card ready I was told. Don’t worry we will send it out FOC spanner and postage and this morning it arrived . It’s rare to receive a nice gesture nowadays so I thought it’s worth promoting them I think the kits good too well it drives well on them. Protechshocks.co.uk

20-08-19, 12:31 PM
Good to hear you've had an excellent customer experience with Protech. I've heard a few good things about them before.