View Full Version : Pilgrim Sumo Mk II + 5.7L Chevvy Small Block

20-10-19, 02:03 PM
Hi All

I used to be on the forum a lot about 7 years back and my build stalled when I had built a car that drove, party due to I guess my motivation (to build a "car") then evaporated and three kids arrived in the intervening years.

So the car has sat in the garage for about 5 years with nothing more being done to it so after a few months (years?) of procrastinating I have put it up for sale on eBay

Here's the link...

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cobra-Kit-Car-Chevy-V8-5-7L-engine-Needs-body/264504240875?hash=item3d95ae6aeb:g:sg4AAOSwh8pdq1u u

Item number 264504240875

I have thought about getting it privately completed but have just decided to sell.

Any Qs please let me know.



22-10-19, 07:50 AM
Correction. Sorry this a Mk III Sumo with 350 Chevy V8