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26-11-19, 09:27 AM
All the hype and profile for Le Mans 66 has prompted another couple of 'must see' documentaries on Netflix. One is called The 24hr War and is a more detailed documentary along the lines of Le Mans 66 but includes a lot more on the Shelby story and the Cobras as well as quite a lot not included in the Hollywood version. This is a 2016 movie, so some of you may have already seen it.
The second is called Shelby American and is really a story about Shelby himself but covers the Cobras and the Daytonas in much more detail. In my view this is the best documentary and was really enjoyable. It also covers quite a bit of his private life, particularly post '66. This is a new release as far as I know.
Both have lots of interviews with Shelby, family, Shelby employees and drivers. (Be aware, some of these interviews are common to both films!!).
Was really enjoyable........