View Full Version : Oil filler cap?

Gatwick Axe Man
13-05-20, 06:45 PM
Does it have to say "oil" or "engine oil" on the oil filler cap? Just repainting engine parts at the moment and filler cap is now all black, looks good but not sure if IVA man will like it.


13-05-20, 08:12 PM
Mine just says Edelbrock on it. No one raised any concerns when i went for the IVA in Nov.

13-05-20, 10:24 PM
Not that I am aware of.
For IVA inside the engine bay you need to know where the engine number is (to prove age, with accompanying documentation for the emissions test), chassis no, to verify vehicle identity, and you also need a little sticker on or near your master cylinder reservoir to make sure you/your mechanic puts the DOT4 in the right place. That's it.