View Full Version : Epas Corsa B ignition switch wiring

28-06-20, 08:44 PM
Hi hopefully someone can help.

i just installing my wiring loom into my Dax De Dion. ive identified most of the wires, but seem to be struggling with the ignition switch.

I cant work out which terminals are for which wire. the loom has a plug on the end of the ignition wires, but my ignition switch was damaged and didn't have the existing wires still attached. ive been searching the internet for a diagram with no luck.

there are id numbers for the location and i have found three so far

30 Red wire from Battery live
15 Black wire ignition live
50 black/red wire starter motor supply

which leaves
W or m, depending which way you look, i think its W
and P

sure one is a ground? one for a radio / aux power? one for solenoid?

if someone can help or send a diagram they have or mearly point me in the right direction.

thanks in advance