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03-07-20, 09:06 PM
Hi All,

I recently ordered my body for my cobra build and got excited and ordered some brightwork parts from Europa to help me get on with the door, bonnet and boot fitted when it arrives.

Today I quickly made up a 2.5mm radius gauge and offered it up the parts delivered but i dont think they will comply with the IVA minimum radius.

I know I would have to turn up some buttons for the bonnet handles where the key enters but the radius at the tip looks too small.


I also brought the MG style internal door latches but the part which connects the ball at the top to the main body of the lock looks too thin and doesnt have a radius/ blunted edges.


The dash vents also dont have any blunted edges, but I guess the windscreen rake could stop the test piece touching and so it doesnt need to have the edges blunted?


Has anyone else used these parts in an IVA test? Just trying to work out whether to return them while I can. Or am I being over cautious?

Sorry if the photos dont work, just trying to figure how to upload the images.

03-07-20, 11:27 PM
Just wondering if you got the usual bonnet latches? - put up a pic of the whole thing.
Rest looks fine - windscreen vents wont be touchable by the 'magic ball'.
You can also get some 'key inserts' for them from S&J that finish the tops of the handles off nicely, and just slot in.

04-07-20, 01:02 PM

Thank you for your reply, I brought a set of bonnet and boot lock with matching keys from Europa as I thought it made sense. I've attached a photo of the bonnet locks.


Randomly is S&J motors now Europa? I can't find S&J online

04-07-20, 04:51 PM
S&J motors aren't related to Europa .. S&J don't exist online though - telephone only (and no pictures of what you're getting, unless someone already has it and can help out); it's always amazed me they stay in business.. someone will be along with their phone number in a minute though, and they're generally very helpful on the phone :)

04-07-20, 05:56 PM
Might help.
S&J Motors Pricelist
Latest price list from S & J
can't recommend these guys enough, quality products, good price and great service.

Cobra Price list
ACC/013 Washer Jet (IVA) £9.00
BFC/005 Windscreen Demist Vent £13.50
BFC/006 Gear Lever Trim Ring (140mm Diameter) £22.00
BFC/007 Gear Lever Trim Ring p(152mm) £23.00
BFC/101 Headlight Rim (Chrome on Steel) £15.00
BFC/101C Headlight Rim (Chrome on Copper) £27.00
BFT/006R Gear Lever Rubber Gaiter £29.00
BFT/200 Windscreen Vent Plastic Moulding £17.50
COB/030 Cobra Boot Hinge Set £60.00
COB/050 Roll Bar (Stainless Steel) £120.00
COB/065R Roll Bar Escutcheon (Round) £13.00
COB/065O Roll Bar Escutcheon (Oval) £13.00
COB/095 Hood Ferrule £7.00
COB/200 Hood Frame £95.00
ELC/004 Dash light (Various Symbols) £5.50
ELC/005 Dash Light (Various Colours) £5.50
ELC/006 Brake Fluid Warning Light £5.50
ELC/011 Push Button Start Switch £7.50
ELC/012 Ignition Switch
ELC/016 Electric Fan (16” Dia) £85.00
ELC/017 Numberplate Light ( Chrome on Brass Cover) £19.00
ELC/035 Quadoptic Headlight Kit £88.00
ELC/053 Side Repeater £6.50
ELC/054 LED Side Repeater (Pair) £17.00
ELC/055 Rear Fog Light
ELC/056 Rear Reversing Light £14.50
ELC/070 Savage P/B Switch £20.00
ELC/075 Savage Start Button £22.00
ELC/135 P700 Tripod Headlight Kit £110.00
ELC/145 P700 Tripod Headlight Unit £58.00
LUC/794 Front Indicator (IVA) £26.00
LUC/691 Rear Indicator (IVA) £20.00
LUC/692 Rear Stop/Tail (IVA) £20.00
LUC/691W White Front Sidelight £20.00
LUC/691AB White Sidelight (Amber Bulb) £21.00
MIR/016S Interior Mirror (Small Head) £34.00
MIR/016L Interior Mirror (Large Head) £38.00
RER/014 Rear Reflector (IVA) £13.00
RER/025 Rear Reflector £14.00
WBX/014 Wiper Escutcheon £5.50
WBX/079 Wiper Wheelbox £24.00
WBX/300D Wiper Arm(Adjustable) £15.00
WBX/310 Wiper Blade
WBX/222AK Full Windscreen Wiper Kit (3 Wipers) £290.00
WBX/223 Full Windscreen Wiper Kit (2 Wiper) £230.00
1/1000 Silent Travel Kit £160.00
1/1001 Bonnet/Boot handle Kit( 2 bonnet/1 boot & all latches) £115.00
All prices include VAT
S&J Motors, ‘Springfield’ Shaw Brow, Whittle le woods,
Chorley, Lancashire. PR6 7LE Tel/Fax 01257 262881

mark chambers
04-07-20, 06:17 PM
I think what you have shown will be fine I am going to list a whole load of parts in the next couple of days don’t buy the key buttons for bonnet handles I can post them to you for a small fee!
Cheers Mark

04-07-20, 07:18 PM
Thank you again for all your replies. I only wondered about S&J and Europa as on the protective paper the locks came wrapped in there was an S&J motors sticker on it. It seems a little strange.

Thank you for the price list and the contact details for S&J motors the prices look very good, Ill definitely use them in the future.

Mark, I think ill be sticking with this handle set, so yes please to the key buttons for the bonnet handles. It will save me messing about on the lathe at work after hours. Is it possible to private message on the forum?

Lets hope I'm not filing the ends to the 2.5mm radius during the IVA test :)

05-07-20, 08:17 PM
Thank you again for all your replies. I only wondered about S&J and Europa as on the protective paper the locks came wrapped in there was an S&J motors sticker on it. It seems a little strange.

Europa buy stuff from S & J. There is no link other than that.
Nuf Said

06-07-20, 10:25 AM
when I got the key inserts on my old car, i just kept them on the car - they look good, and protect the locks from ingress of rain etc.

06-07-20, 12:27 PM
Stick a large rubber bump on on the top. Ebay is your friend
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20x-Self-Adhesive-Rubber-Feet-Bumper-Door-Cupboard-Buffer-Stop-Bump-On-Pad-12mm/113406937045?hash=item1a679487d5:g:XeYAAOSwTEZb~4t D
Only trouble then is that you might exceed the height regulation.
Got me through an IVA with the same handles.

06-07-20, 08:52 PM
Ahh, that would explain it, if Europa buy from S&J motors. It sounds like a lot of people get there parts from there and they all pass the IVA which is encouraging.

I'm hoping to buy the lock buttons off Mark as they look good, but if the IVA guys will accept the rubber bump stop that's also handy to know. I can see other places where they might come in handy as well. Tricks for the IVA :-)

10-07-20, 08:14 PM
S and J Motors have been going for about 30 years not 5 minutes like some. They supply most of the cobra manufacturers with parts .they make parts not just sell them one of the first to make SVA complaint now IVA bits like bonnet handles, mirrors ,washer jets, boot hinges stainless steel, the list goes on they will sell you parts you need to get you through the IVA not what you don't need . Always helpful .the lock set comes with 2 bonnet handles 1 boot handle the same key number ,bonnet cam's 2, IVA handle plugs 2, budget lock for the boot and adjustable boot striker all for £115.00 Inc vat . Chrome on copper head light rim's won't rust like steel one's give them a ring on Tel number 01257 262881 or email sandjmotors427@yahoo.com.