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Mike 39PH
17-08-20, 11:11 AM
Replica of Willment racing Le Mans car, 39PH, based on Dax kit.
Removable hard top obtained via owner of original car. All body mods. from measurements and photos from original car, courtesy of very helpful owner.
Car is fitted with rebuilt Rover V8. Vitesse pistons, Crane road cam, modified cylinder heads. Re-bored, line bored, and fully balanced. Rebuilt Rover manual gearbox.
Fully rebuilt Jaguar running gear and brakes, all bearings, seals, bushes, caliper pistons etc. replaced.
Engine runs and car is driveable.

I have been building this car for a long time (30+ years!!) and have lost the impetus, so it's time for someone else who has the enthusiasm put in that final effort to finish it off.

I'm looking for offers around £5000.

Full details on request.

17-08-20, 05:55 PM
I've sent you a PM Mike

11-09-20, 09:53 PM
Hi Mike,

Is this still up for sale?

Kind regards

12-09-20, 08:33 PM
Sorry I bought it