View Full Version : Pilgrim Sumo MK2

27-09-20, 08:37 PM
Reluctant sale of my Cobra project as bills getting in the way.
Bought as unfinished project but 2 house moves meant it stalled in my garage for 20 months and with
too much building/refurb work here it has to go.
Ebay reference 264877249019
Rolling shell with RV8 and 5 speed -Granada running gear I believe -Most parts there.
From memory it needs ........
seats re-covering, seatbelts, prop, carpets, g/box x-member, pedal box (has cable version fitted) battery, loom although much wiring
available if required, switches, screen vents. There may be other minor items which excape me at the moment.
Offers please.

28-09-20, 12:47 PM
Is this (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-Cobra-replica-project-parts-Pilgrim/264877249019?hash=item3dabea11fb:g:mNIAAOSwII5fbjO A) is the one

05-10-20, 01:41 PM
is this still available??