View Full Version : Pilgrim Sumo parts wanted

09-10-20, 07:31 PM
Hi, recently purchased a Pilgrim Sumo mk2b which is missing a door and bootlid. Saw a Dax bootlid recently and was wondering if this would fit the Pilgrim? Also on lookout for door and windscreen frame.

09-10-20, 08:36 PM
Boot might be worth a look - but I know Dax doors and hood are quite different curves to pilgrim. But either way the mk2 moulds are long gone.

If it doesn’t, rather than trying to bodge a square peg into a round hole - Could try asking someone extremely nicely if you can borrow their pilgrim bits to take a splash from...

09-10-20, 09:03 PM
What about Southern Roadcraft,
there was a connection with Pilgim in the early days ?

09-10-20, 09:06 PM
Or speak to someone at Thunder Road Cars .

09-10-20, 09:29 PM
Can you post photos of the body especially the part behind the doors and the rear wheel arch and a photo from the rear?

I was told many years ago the late Mk2s used the Mk3 body (which I believe mine is). You might just be in luck that you can buy them from Pilgrim

03-11-20, 09:17 PM

Just been looking at ebay and I saw this Cobra body for sale, the chap is laminating them up in Poland. If I'm not mistaken it looks remarkably like an early Pilgrim body when you look at the photos. He might be able to supply the panels for your build.