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14-05-03, 03:40 PM
does any one have a haynes manual that covers the serria xr4x4 2.0l dohc that i could borrow for a couple of days ?

i will of course pay all postage costs

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02-06-03, 09:49 PM
Hi Mark,

I didn't think they did a 2L XR4x4. I have a manual for the 2.3 and 2.8V6 if that is of any use. What pages/info are you looking for anyway? If push comes to shove, try e-bay and see if you can buy one (in my mind, its always worth it). Finaly, why would you want this book? The engine is covered in the standard Sierra Manual, the gearbox and front hubs are of no use. So I am at a loss to see what you might find useful (dont tell me u r using the 2L engine?). Let me know if I can be of any help.