09-04-02, 07:44 PM
Hi All,

I've just registered and was hoping for a helping hand.

This summer I'm going to buy a replica Cobra as I'm just not up to the task of building one.
I've been loooking since the end of summer 2001 and now have some sort of idea of what I'm after.

So far the only real life Cobra's I've been able to be around is at Hallmark in London where I used to live. As I'm now in Edinburgh it's a bit difficult.

I've got a very firm max. budget of 15,000 but would obviously like to spend a grand or two less. I'll be using it for going back and forth to work(I'm addicted), blatting about the Scottish B roads and cruising around in the summer sun.

I'm thinking about a Mk II Pilgrim with 2.5 Rover lump(everyday use = ) and obviously full weather kit. That's about all I know. So if you've got any advice, pointers or even the ideal car.....let me know.

Much Grassy Ass


10-04-02, 12:23 AM
Chris - welcome to the band of snake-bit boys (and girls very occasionally).
I am afraid you will have to trek down to Stoneleigh - if you can manage both days, so much the better.
There are always Cobra's for sale there, and also you can get a good "feel" for the differing makes, and what to look for when examining a potential purchase.

Hallmark will always have good cars in stock, but I have to admit I am a little startled at their asking prices, still warranties do cost I suppose.

You have a sensible budget which should get you a very tidy Pilgrim, maybe a MKIII, Dax, or maybe an AK. There are some kits I personally would steer clear of, but I am not going to make a public statement of which I think they are. You are welcome to my biased opinions off forum - email me if you want.
I could also recommend you join the club, as there is always a selection of cars for sale in the mag.
Golden rule - never buy the first one you see, there's always another, and it might be better. If it isn't then you can go back to the first one again!!

You are a sensible man for realising that building yourself may be not your best choice - it is not for everyone, and few of us ever recoup our total parts costs, let alone any labour figured in, if/when we sell our self-built cars.
Unless your name is pro-builder Dave that is!!!


10-04-02, 10:28 AM

Thank's very much for the welcome and the help.

I'd like to chat about this a bit more, especialy the possibility of getting my clamy little hands on a DAX!}>

I'd be grateful to know what to avoid as well as what to look for.

So where do I find you're e-mail address or do I just post mine on here?


10-04-02, 02:12 PM
Chris - if you look at the icons which are just below and to the right of the title of each post in a thread, and "hover" you pointer over the one that looks like a letter with a pencil on it, it should come up with "email to...". Obviously, you need to be on a posting from the person you want to email.
Then click on the icon and you will get an email form up, which you fill in and press the send button - voila!

This way, you can email posters on this forum, but privacy is maintained as you don't actually get to see the email address unless the recipient wants you to.


11-04-02, 06:44 PM
WHAT, HEY, HOW, WHO.....Did someone mention my name? :P :P :P

My absolute "death" price for a new Dax with a new chevy engine is over
18,000. Basically it's the same as the car "for sale" on my website but with some bits missing, like paint and some brightwork and a few other odds and sods.
But it does come with a warranty. ;-)
To view the "for sale" car you can find it linked from the bottom of my gallery page......Push, push, push, it's the only way.}>