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13-10-21, 09:20 PM
Hi All,

I'm just putting my dashboard together and I have a question about the tell tale light positioning on the dashboard.

I've had look through the IVA manual and it stipulates the symbols and colours of the tell tales but not the positioning. Is anyone aware of any rules around this?

I've put mine down in a horizontal line about about 150mm above the transmission tunnel but had a sudden worry that they should be up near the steering wheel. I don't want to upholster it and then have to bin it off when it fails the test.

Many thanks

14-10-21, 10:28 AM
I think they just need to be clearly visible, have the right label or symbol on.
Are you using the standard dashboard moulding from Pilgrim or going your own way? Pic would be useful.

14-10-21, 10:44 AM
I'm sure there must be something covering it in the IVA manual.
But a lot of it comes down to personal choice, just look at some photos on line of dash board layouts.

Another one to consider is the type of warning light fitted, Needs to be IVA compatible on the radius of the bezel.

The standard cheap and cheerful type have been used for years, But if you want a more up to date look, then use the billet chrome bezel led type on car builders.

I'm just removing all the old style, and fitting the new LED type.
I would up load a photo for comparison, but I don't seem to be able to at present will try and this evening.

14-10-21, 05:12 PM

Thank you for your reply about my dash. I decided to go my own way as I liked the style of dash in the original Cobra but thought the IVA man probably wouldn't like the clocks being obscured by the steering wheel. I wanted to hide that mini heater box as well.

This is what I've got so far.

I've routed a 19mm radius on the bottom edge so I don't need to pad it (if I've read the rules right) and I'm using ETBs IVA clocks with the right radius on.

At the moment I can't make my mind up about the toggle switches and whether to have them at the bottom with guard hoops or tucked behind the steering wheel in the exemption zone and also nice and visible with the other stalk controls.

You'll have to excuse the mess. Every surface is storage in a single garage. All long for is a bit more room :-)