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30-11-03, 03:00 PM

For my mate and I, this is week 2. I have started to assemble the front suspension. I managed to find a 12mm drill bit, and with a bit of effort both the upper and lower wishbones are now in place.

I've put the dampers on and the uprights, but think I may have incorrect nuts for my bolts - For attaching the damper to the chassis and the lower bracket.

The nuts and bolts all come from the bag supplied by Pilgrim. I am trying to use the 16mm (shortest and stubbiest) bolts, which there are 8 of, and the largest nuts (of which there are 8 - so I assume they go together). However the nuts do not fit the bolts. Has anyone else had this problem?

The second question is...Is there a nut and bolt supplied to tighten the mushroom into the upright, or should I have the one from the donar car?

I have added a picture to highlight the areas I mean.

Again (like my last question) working on the weekend means I can't phone Pilgrim until Monday.

All comments welcome.




30-11-03, 03:03 PM
oops, forgot to say thank you to Steve Gathercol - http://www.softstar.co.uk - for the use of the images. Not my car you see!

Thanks Steve


30-11-03, 03:41 PM
Hi Duncan, sorry I can't offer any assistance, but if you post this in the TECH, TIPS & QUESTIONS section you will get a much better response as it will appear on the front page , that is the normal place for questions like this.

Martin :tu :tu :tu :tu

30-11-03, 03:47 PM

I thought I was posting to TECH, TIPS & QUESTIONS. Must have been day dreaming!