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30-08-02, 08:24 PM
Hi guys being a little premeture here, but both Roger at Reading and Garry at the Chalfonts are bussey guys, the next meet is at the Merlins Cave Chalfont St Giles Bucks on Sunday the 22nd of Sept whatever time?? Feel free!!!!!!!!!!! Every body is welcome. All the best Eric. P/S lets get this TVM on the map

02-09-02, 05:27 PM
Thanks Eric

You are quite right, everything going mad here so thanks for the posting.

Thames Valley meet at the Merlins Cave, Village Green, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire. HP8 4QF Tel. 01494 875101

September 22nd at approximately 11.00 am, there will be Jazz on in the barn from 12.00 so plenty of music if interested. Lets pray for good weather.

Situated of the A413 London to Aylesbury road, when you reach Cape Cod Fish Restaurant (formerly The Pheasant Inn) at the cross roads turn right (from Aylesbury) left from London and proceed down the hill into Chalfont St Giles village we are on the left next to the village pond and centre of the Village green.

As Eric says everybody welcome, 6 cobra's at Roger's place last time as well as lots of different makes of cars, lets keep it going.



02-09-02, 07:36 PM
Garry & Sherial or Sherriee we will be there mate. probably for early morning coffee or some thing!!?? Sounds like a good day. Jazz will do me fine!!!! I am sure we can get this area off its feet; there are more Cob's in the TV area than any where else in the Country, come on guy's let's get it too gether. CARS IN THE PARK AT THE RIVER MISSBOURNE, Merlins Cave Chalfont St Giles Sept 22nd Sunday 02.! ERIC & LIZ. High Wycombbe. Every body welcome whatever make.:7 :7 :-) :-) :+

11-09-02, 10:15 PM
Oh no, going to miss you guys second month in a row.
I'll be in sunny Italy that weekend... x( x(

Anyway, Rebecca and me just moved out of the big
smoke and we're now not too far away. Would love
to hear from others round North Surrey way!

Crendon 007
14-09-02, 09:25 PM
Hi Guys,
We are still alive !! JUST.

Will be with you on 22nd, will attempt to bring some others with me
Stefan, North Surrey is not that far away, none of us live in the smoke !!