View Full Version : Assault on Le Mans 2003

16-09-02, 09:23 AM
Morning Boys,

Just putting in our order for tickets for Le Mans 2003.
We'll do our usual trip - leave friday morning, catch the
channel tunnel around 10.00am, expo friday evening, camp,
grandstand seats opposite the pits, return sunday evening
on the chunnel around 9.00pm to make it back in time for
work on Monday. We'll meet up somewhere near J3 M3 or
J11 M25 early friday.

Anyone interested in joining us? Let me know quickly so
I can add you in in the ticket orders.

26-10-02, 09:14 PM
Hi Stefan
Have only just spoted your post regarding Le Mans 2003.
I am probably too late to get in on your ticket order, but could you tell me where I can get tickets.
Very keen to go.

31-10-02, 05:53 PM

Hi Stefan,

Sorry for the delay, We spoke at the last TVM at Rogers pub about Le Mans. I've also probably left it too late but you mentioned that there might be 2 tickets spare. If this is still the case, I'd like to buy them from you.

Look forward to hearing from you