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01-08-03, 10:35 PM
Hi all,
At the time of writing this, I’m still in the USA, lying in the 30oC heat with a gin and tonic. So I’m dictating this by a series of short text messages .
July’s meet at The Chequers at Thompson proved to be very popular. We previously visited this pub in November a couple of years ago and, this time, the weather did us proud. Also, it may be a sign that people who were previously building cobras have now completed them as there were only two non-cobras in attendance. To that end, we filled the car park with a shiny line of 11 cobras, namely 1 GD, 2 Hawks, 1 BRA, 3 Pilgrims and 4 Dax.
Of these a recent completion was Cefin and Ann Mobbs’ GD. The car was SVA re-tested the week before and registered on the Monday prior to our regions convoy down to the 24 Hours at Le Mans. Talk about cutting it fine. The journey was a running in trip for the engine!
An even newer completion was Guy Beston’s Pilgrim. Apparently Guy took his car to the Norwich SVA centre on the same day that Cefin had his retest. Guy’s car, apparently, was picked up on the usual points, but with a little re-engineering the car is now registered and on the road, as was evident at Thompson. David Horsnell, who is currently building a Pilgrim, was spotted crawling over the car and pumping Guy for information. By the way, Guy’s hire shop now has a TIG welder available. Should you need it, call Guy on 01473-718262.

Another very rare sight (rarer than a lesser spotted bald albatross) was Colin Hendry’s Hawk. Colin had contrived to leave Belinda and their new baby girl at home and instead, when rummaging around in his garage, came across a green 289 under a pile of cardboard and nappy cartons. Surprise surprise, the engine roared into life, so Colin and young son Jack headed off to Thompson in it. It was good to see the car Colin, (Colin is now planning to take it to Le Mans next year!)
However, the rare sighting award could not be claimed by Colin. Beating Colin by a country mile (and also a candidate for the long distance award) was Owen English. Owen lives in New Zealand, and had come over especially for our club meet (or so he told us). You may recall mention of Owen in previous newsletters. Owen has a Dax which had its boot lid damaged by an outboard motor in a container in transit to New Zealand. Apparently, if you thought we have a tough SVA test, it’s nothing compared to the test regime in New Zealand. Since a change in legislation, all cars must have OEM (original equipment) exhausts fitted i.e. no aftermarket cherry bombs. This law also applies to kit cars. So if your car has a Ford V8 from a mid 70’s Thunderbird fitted (an 18 feet long car) then you must use the same exhaust arrangement. We imagined little trolleys behind cobras with various silencers and tailpipes attached. However, all is not lost, as there appears to be ‘sympathetic’ testers who will accept side pipes. Also, they have much more strict rules regarding radiused edges.
Makes you glad to live in the UK eh???

Following the meet, a handful of us convoyed to Bressingham to inspect the recent work to Andy Soar’s KD289. Andy bought a chassis and body as an unfinished (more like unstarted) project last year and has made radical alterations. Most of the front and rear of the original chassis have been cut off and discarded and new steelwork and bracketry fabricated to incorporate MGB front and rear suspension and the old Rover V8 (the small one) from his Dax. He reckons the KD will be going to France with us next June!!!

I’m still patiently waiting for a report or comments for publication of this years Le Mans 24 Hours, but nobodies taken the hint yet!

The show season is upon us now. A good turn out of cobras went to the Old Buckenham air show and car event. Also, our region was well represented at the CRC National Weekend at Elvington. Simon Finlay made a fair attempt at trying to cook his tyres on the circuit and managed some acceptable lap times, complete with a cheesy grin.

This month’s meet is on Sunday 17th August at 12:00 at Swan Cottage, Norton Subcourse, east Norfolk. Where, I hear you ask. Pay attention now. As previously mentioned August’s meet is our CRC East Anglian annual Summer Barbeque and Thrust SSC talk. This year it will be kindly hosted by Simon and Sarah Finlay.
You will find an attached map with directions provided by Simon, so nobody should get lost.
Basically, please bring your own meat, drink and any dessert and bread you fancy. Simon and Sarah will provide some salads and the machine to cook your food on. I have endeavoured to arrange the weather (but don’t count on it).
To that end, the venue for our afternoon will be Simon and Sarah’s garden. Should it rain we may need to cancel. Therefore, so that I can contact people if we decide to cancel due to the weather, please advise me 7 days (that’s a week) before, that you intend to come along. This will also help Simon in ensuring he digs up sufficient lettuces from his allotment.
Also planned for the afternoon will be a talk and reminiscences from Jeremy Davey of the Thrust SSC team. So bring something to sit on and an empty stomach (and the sun) and we should have a great time. See you there.

Here’s the list of East Anglian meets for 2003.
September 21st – East Norfolk – Coltishall – CRC East Anglian annual road run & treasure hunt
October 19th – East Suffolk – Ramsholt Arms, Ramsholt - and a visit to Sutton Hoo?
November 16th – West Norfolk – Red Lion, Caston
November 29th – East Anglian Cobra Club annual Christmas meal
December 21st – West Suffolk – White Hart, Boxford
Plus local (and no so local) car events (dates to be confirmed)
August 25th – Lavenham Rare Breeds Car Show and Carnival, Lavenham, Suffolk
August 31st – Lions Club Classic Car Show – Lower Castle Park – Colchester
Sept 13th to 14th - The National Kit & Performance Car Show, Castle Donington, Derbys.
Sept 27th - DAX Autumn open day, Harlow, Essex

Thanks to all you cobrateers, keep calling, and mailing.
Bye for now,
Eileen Call me on 01206 863804, or mail me at route66@hot2trot.freeserve.co.uk
**Please note my changed e-mail address**