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30-07-02, 05:04 PM
Luckily not the Cobra...nope but my old faithful Rover 800 Vitesse !. Just went out for a quiet drive at lunchtime to escape the office. Hit upon some slow moving traffic & reconed I'd turn around and go back to work - so indicated to turn right etc. and BAHM !! - Volvo drives right into my side !. "sorry mate - thought (!) you were signalling to pull out & overtake !" - TOSSER.

Well, the point of this other than a bloody rant 'cos its just happened is :

a) watch out for this kind of incident ie. turning Right behind a queue of slow moving traffic in case the bloke behind is right up your A@@ thinks you're about to overtake - when you pull out , he jumps on the Gas too and CRUNCH as you start to turn - could have been a Bike and then we'd be dealing with a probable fatality ...

b) The rover took a good bash on the offside front wheel - managed to drive it the 1.5 miles back to work, but to drive in a straight line meant steering at 10 o'clock !. If the insurers want to try and repair this plus the extensive bodywork damage what is the minimum you'd expect to have replaced suspension wise as a matter of course ? These old turbos handle extremely well for an old bus - you wouldn't want a nice hairline crack in 'something important' to suddenly open up as you fly round a bend.

c) Got any tips when it comes to negotiating write-off values ??

All advice and written abuse regarding Volvo drivers most welcome.


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30-07-02, 05:26 PM
>c) Got any tips when it comes to negotiating write-off values ??

After about the 5th offer, they are normally in the vague region, just refuse until they come up with a decent offer.

>All advice and written abuse regarding Volvo drivers most welcome.

Bad luck, could have happened to anyone.

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30-07-02, 05:33 PM
Is this a good time to mention that I am taking delivery of a new Volvo on Thursday?? (and it's a diesel).
Not my fault - blame the bloody taxman and his "if you have a car larger than a Micra I'm going to tax the f**k out of you" new company car regs.


30-07-02, 06:45 PM
Hopefully you will now lay the ghost of my mantra
"The car dawdling infront is a Volvo"
I also went from a 2.5 l BMW to 2.0l Focus to get back at the Revenue man but the b$%^&d still wont let go will he?
Regards Steve G.

30-07-02, 08:48 PM
No - I think the mantra will become "The large garden shed on wheels doing 130mph in front of you is a Wilf"

I wonder if I can get the MPG down to the same as the cob? Going to be difficult, being a diesel and all, but I will try my hardest.

And I promise not to drive into anyone, although I did not opt for the nco indicators.

I do hate the blody taxman though - is 85% of every gallon of fuel not enough for the greedy bastards?


31-07-02, 08:28 AM
I am currently working on a cunning plan.Involving a decent tan, a bed sheet and an old towel.I intend to claim refugee status,so I can sit around all day playing cards and be fed beer and donuts.And get private health care.As long as they will let the Cobra claim refugee status as well.I think the Q plate might swing that.Better stop now before I start on Tony the hairdresser.
Regards Steve G.

31-07-02, 09:04 AM
Thanx Robert for the advice . Forgot to mention that the old Volvo estate (SSPPIITTTT ,double-SSPPIITTTT , flob, phlegm.. etc...) was in visually worse condition than my 800 after the prang ..so at least his'll be written-off too


PS. Didn't know that we were now under censorship ??!

31-07-02, 01:46 PM
I had a volvo t5 estate when they first came out, should have seen the faces on the GTI crowd when a volvo estate, with wife & kids left them at the lights}> }> }>

31-07-02, 02:57 PM
..this wasn't even a nice T5..nope just some shi77y old H plate 240 or something ...baah...still very crossx( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x(


31-07-02, 03:16 PM
Bad luck Pete - at least you know that (relatively) old cars a re cheap as chips right now, you should be able to replace that Vitesse dirt cheap. Don't be put off by the silly asking prices from private vendors - anything 10 yrs old or more is worth less than 500 in the real world.


31-07-02, 03:30 PM
Cheers Wilf,
Bad news though is I recon it would cost me about 4k to replace, but the insurers will probably offer the wrong side of 2k !!. All this when my finances are at the lowest point for years !. Perhaps I could use it as a donor for a 7 or something ?. Now that'll really upset the wife ....


31-07-02, 06:09 PM
Sorry to hear your news Pete. It seems proportionately many more accidents happen at slow speeds when peolpe simply arent paying attention. My neighbours child-minder reversed straight out of the drive without looking not long ago & clobbered my 3 series. Damage not excessive but apparently caused an air lock in the cooling system & the engine blew up the next day on the M4 in the middle of nowhere. I was not best pleased, & neither was wife, child & 2 dogs. So if its any consolation, I empathise completely.


(It'll only be a 5 minute job)
PS Have got rid of the car now- it was a load of #### anyway