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07-08-02, 02:39 PM
A man was found by police having sex with a rubber doll after breaking into a sex shop in Romania.

The 43-year-old unemployed miner had travelled to Cluj to look for work, but went drinking after failing to find a job.
He had drowned his sorrows in a pub and told locals he was desperate for sex because his wife had left him 10 years earlier.
It is alleged he later went outside and smashed the window of a neighbouring sex shop where the doll was on display and started using it on the shop counter.
Police claim he was still mumbling into the ear of the doll when they told him to pull up his trousers.
The man, who is from Lupeni, has been released from custody while charges are prepared by police.


07-08-02, 03:05 PM
Was it a left-handed doll? Might give us a clue as to the identity of the chap.

Wilf }>