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08-09-02, 07:33 PM
Why oh why can Dax not bring out regular updated supplements for their build manual? Fitting the doors today, and what is in the manual is NOT what I am trying to fit. After numerous calls to other builders/owners, I have since found out that they also had the same problems. Subsequently, I have holes the size of dustbin lids where the hinges should fit which meansnthat I am going to need penny washers the size of ferris wheels to bridge the gaps.x( x( x(
And another thing. If you are intending to build a Dax, go for a different gel coat colour than the base grey. Reason? If you opt for the grey, they naturally assume that the car will be painted more or less straight away, even though they advise you to leave the painting for as long as possible. Thus it appears that alot less care is taken when laying in the gel coat and fibre glass. The result? A body that resembles the surface of the moon. Again after phone calls, this seems to be a common problem. However, after seeing coloured gelcoat finishes, the quality is alot better. Because my colour scheme is going to be silver based, the grey is the best finish to go for, but now the damn thing is going to have to be painted long before I wanted it painted. (Huf huf seeth!!)
Bitch over, now going to have a beer!:D

08-09-02, 07:38 PM
2 minutes is not a long enough time if you want to edit!!!

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That isn't a bitch, those are very shrewd observations, and I might add it is not just Dax that suffer from those problems.

Some manufacturers only provide bodies in white or grey, purely because light colours do not show the ripples up as well as coloured gelcoats.

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08-09-02, 10:40 PM
Hi David.
I know what you mean, i was not too pleased when the new style door hinges were introduced. Since then i have made myself a jig that tells me where to drill the holes.
You didn't ring me.....I don't bite
For future reference my number is 07785 702005.....Ring me before you fit your bonnet if you haven't fitted it already, or you could have problems with its closing position if/when you fit the gas rams.
From what you are saying i assume that you have already drilled the holes in your doors, but for anyone who reads this who hasn't yet here are some measurements:
From the hinge mounting post you will need to measure 6 1/16" to the position of the first hole and 12 1/4" to the second hole.
To get these positions you will need to tape the door in to place as it says in the manual then slide a tape measure along the hinge recess in the door and through the hinge appeture in the "A" post until it touches the hinge mounting point (This should be done with the hinge bolts removed from mounting point).
If you drill 1/2" holes in the door then you will have enough clearence for fine tuning of the door but you will need to use "Penny" washers to prevent the nut from moving the door as you tighten it up.

10-09-02, 10:04 PM
I fitted the other door using your dimensions and had no problem at all, so thanks a lot for your input. When come to put the bonnet on, I will seek your advice first. Thanks again.:) :) :)
(Just got the first bugger to bugger about with now.)

11-09-02, 09:51 PM
That's a relief.
Not bad for a guess!:7