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18-09-02, 12:08 PM
WHY Oh WHY did I not listen to the advice to powder coat my jag running gear???
After numerous coats of Red hamerite paint to the front suspension parts, they are still not up to a standard which I would call OK. An anouther thing is I have run out of paint and I need some feckin more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutly crap STUFF. Avoid at all costs.

Thank god I've only done the front! x(

chris m
18-09-02, 01:14 PM
gotta agree - I tried it out on a donor compoment that I wasnt going to put back on on the car and it actually looked ok but chipped far too easily. Going to go down the POR15 route instead (gulp!), powder coating is probably the nicest loking route though.


PS: Ben you seem to be about 2 weeks ahead of me build-wise, asking the questions I am aabout to ask. (Oh yes just got the UJ's out - I agree complete b'stard)

18-09-02, 01:46 PM
Can't agree more, my opinion and experience of any hamershite product is the same as yours. If you want to paint, I can recommend RUSTOLEUM. Its an industrial paint (spray or brush) and give a reasonbly good looking, but tough, finish.

18-09-02, 04:17 PM
find a local powder coat place, anything I have done costs me a pint - whatever it is, however big it is, always costs a pint


18-09-02, 05:01 PM
And I thought it was just me trying too save money and ending up with something that looks crap! I sympathize, but am also a little relieved to know I am not the only one.:( :P

18-09-02, 10:13 PM
Hi all,

one for you this one chris, I am also NOW going the por 15 route for my chasis and rear running gear, but Im gunna stick with the red sh*t for the front, cause Ive almost finished them now. I live up in lancashire and have just had my por15 delivered, they managed to send it firt to Birnmingham would you believe, missed a letter out of my postcode, but gotta hand it to them they were efficient enough in sending some more out though :-)

goddam Uj, did you manage to get them out without all the little roller b'stards flying all over the shop???

Hey but on a good note, picking up my chasis tomorrow!!!! :-)

see ya

chris m
20-09-02, 01:50 PM
yep, UJ needle bearings all over the floor. I found a slightly easier way to get the UJs out was to knock the UJ until the "bottom" bearing fell out, at this point the "top" bearing has also come out, but cant be got out as it fouls the shaft. I ground the edge off the bearing and manipulated it out, I'm not a fan of hitting things and my arm was aching!

Good news about the chassis, I have mine in the garage but havent fixed anything too it yet - still cleaning suspension.

20-09-02, 06:25 PM
Im still doing that job myself (cleaning), proper ball ache.
Got my chasis yesturday though and now have a nice newly painted (por15) dax chasis yippee....

Gotta find sumthin to moan about so how about the cost of rubber bits for the jag gear, just cost me 140 on bits of nothing.. (caliper seal kits and all that nonsense)

I must say how much I like the por15 though, have you used any yet?,
really good coverage but I didnt read the BIG label on the top telling me to wear gloves so Ive got the stuff all over my hands and arms, on yeah and a great big patch on the top of my head, they tell the truth about it not comming off with anything, Ive soaked my hands with thinners and still no joy :+

see ya

chris m
23-09-02, 08:39 AM
I agree por15 is excellent stuff, I did the suspension on saturday, needs another coat though to cover the (now so obvious) bits I missed.

I have used Wards for most of my jag bits as they generally seem cheaper than others and quite often have offers on and dont charge VAT :-)