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07-10-03, 11:56 AM
Autocar 7 Oct 2003

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News Exclusive


AC and Cobra bury hatchet British marque prepares to restart classic partnership.


07-10-03, 12:00 PM
A total contradiction to...



07-10-03, 12:05 PM
It's a good job that GD build GD's, not Cobras.... :)

Ve vill rise supreme!!!

{-} {-} {-} {-} {-}

07-10-03, 12:57 PM
For such a great achievement in the first place, shame the guy is such a tosser. In my opinion of course.

07-10-03, 08:17 PM
>For such a great achievement in the first place, shame the
>guy is such a tosser. In my opinion of course.

that's no way to talk about Robin, just cos he has a GD.

:7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7

08-10-03, 10:55 AM
Contrary Mary

Mark it's blank!!?? Has our leader whipped it off? Eric.:) :-(

08-10-03, 01:52 PM
No Mate,

Just tried it. Straight through!

Have another go. Check out the Shelby website (and read my 'comments' on PH).

Shelby mentions the cars from 289/ace styles to 427 and how he saved the modern world etcetcetcetcetc.

... no mention of AC though. It's as if they never existed! All his own doing!

Now when was there another time when the Americans came in late, grabbed the glory then changed the history????????? :f :f :f



08-10-03, 03:50 PM
Contrary Mary

MMmmm, no still blank and the bottom left hand corner says done (internet explorer) have also tried refresh but no luck there either( Will try another route bloody NTL Eric:-(

09-10-03, 02:10 PM

just go to the PH home page as it's a linked heading there. Come stright back otherwise Rob will chew your balls!!!{-}


09-10-03, 02:34 PM
Contrary Mary

Mark, I will give that a go > chew my ball's ehh<:9 :9 :9 :9 :9 :9 Do you reckon that's a promise?? Theres so much SHIITE going on here at the moment I begin to wonder myself what's going on exactly Eric:)

09-10-03, 03:00 PM
There are certainly some very emotive threads going on in the last few days but i'm wondering how well its done for "hits" to the site? I know that I have been looking at the site a lot more regularily than normal to try and keep abreast of the, what i find hillarious, "bitchy" threads. That in turn has meant that i've also looked more often at other peoples threads and comments and although i've not been able to help many people with their problems i've passed comments on what i can.
I've not met many of the people on this site but through the last few days/weeks i have met and "chatted" with more cobra enthusiasts than i would have normally and i'm certainly looking forward to meeting you all for a socialable drink. I'd like to think others feel the same as i do and if we all know each other a bit better because of whats gone on isn't that only going to help and improve the club?
Personally i say, Eric, CobraKev et al, keep up the good work! :tu

09-10-03, 03:01 PM
So much ####e...

Totally agree. What the hell is going on. DT is who he says he is as his login here, his style, and childish indignancy at always having the last word and insisting he is right, is identical to the rants on Pistonheads. As I said in an open mail to him (on the python link) it drove me off the PH forum. The PH skoda page was more interesting!}(

My open mail was pretty direct but the effect only lasted a day. DT is a sad old farking man who lives in chat rooms/forums trying to address imbalances in his mind. Farking move on!

Anyway I kindly asked DT to drop the PF rants and he still persists.

Life was annoying with Andy, but I didn't get involved, now it's positevely farking frustrating with DT. I have no respect for him anymore. He could have offered a lot to the forum.

If 'Si' does turn out to be PF then AT THE END OF THE DAY THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always believe the truth will avail.

Si is in Gloucester (according to his profile) so there must be a local member who can pop in and shake his hand. I think it would be a good thing to do for 2 reasons,

1. Confirm he's not PF (as if I farking give a sh*t anyway)
2. Give poor 'Si' some comfort as quite rightly if he's genuine he's got the right to have the raging hump!!!

Jeebus I thought innocent 'til proven. Then we get DT firing 'Plonkas' at us all. Last person said that to me got a smack (it was my brother and I was 10 ) but I still haven't grown up and wouldn't take kindly to the insult if it was said in a bar.


Rob, your challenge for this week is to organise 2 members to visit Si and give him a cuddle and to bar DT as I think a number of us are getting really pissed off.

If Si can write in a journalistic style using English then no problem with me. Just because he can string words together in a similar order to 'some one else' certain members think we should burn him at the stake. While we're at it lets do his Mum because she's obviously a Witch!!!!

Basically, it was calm until DT arrived.

So..... that's my feelings on the matter.


09-10-03, 03:53 PM
Ummmm.... actually I lied... that wasn't all I had to say.

I've just blown my stack on Pistonheads as DT has been reveling in his own self publicity as if he's the peoples champion, linking back to the CC 'python' link to boast of his 'Den style Battles' here!!!!!!!!!

the bl00dy cheek of it.

I was very rude and my Mum would be ashamed but I've had enough.
:-( :-(

have a look, not seeking publicity, just think Rob would kill it if it was here.


a very sad


09-10-03, 04:16 PM
Contrary Mary

Tony what can I say, I think this site is great for all, not only re the Cobra technical scene etc, but appreciating other peoples views on a variety of subjects. Although a retired motor engineer I have learned an awful lot on this site

Okay sometimes it gets out of hand but my philosophy is if you dish it out be prepared to take some. If your wrong on a subject or your personal view then retire gracefully.

Den's comment of recent times bear a close resemblance to our friend Andy who is alway right and goes to great lengths to tell us so believing he has support. Also who frequents the Brighton area, and I must say I am a little puzzled re Si, Den, Peter Filby etc, computer account in Brighton and the guy lives in Gloucester; well it all smells a bit don't you think.

On the brighter side have booked up to stay in Devon 3 nights on the show week end, so hopefully we can enjoy the show and the social benefits attached Eric.

Neil O
09-10-03, 04:52 PM
I agree with most of what you are saying, this forum is not for old scores to be settled.
I for one will not be buying any Kit Car Magazines until the bickering stops.
IMHO this is all detremental to the Kit Car Industry. To the newcomer it must all look pretty unprofessional which then reflects an unprofessional outlook of the entire trade.
x( x(
I have previously posted to say that I find the scraps entertaining, hypocrite! I hear you all cry. However a spat between Andy and Eric etc. is not quite the same as major players in the trade trying to destroy each other's business's.x( x(
I hope Robert is keeping an eye on the proceedings, and will step in before the whole Kit Car fraternity is made to look stupid.
There, that's my bit, for now.:v

10-10-03, 05:13 PM
Contrary Mary

Niel how dare you suggest I'm not a major player!!!{-} :} Seriously may I take this opportunity to say I am not the only one who has come to blows re Andy on this site. Our own Field Marshall in Chief for one, on several topics both on and off stage; and at leased 10 other people to my knowledge.

Just thought I would say I totally agree with your comment, but I am not in a minority situation quite the opposite in-fact.

We are all different and that what makes it such fun Eric