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12-11-03, 01:51 PM
Iíd like to participate. Iíd like to give members of this forum up to 2000 magazines.

But are you collectively worth the effort?

12-11-03, 02:29 PM
To elaborate on my earlier post.

There is an element here, one of whom claims to have been "Born to be a bloody nice bloke". That may have been true, but whatís clear is that something happened since then to make him and his pals grow up to be most obnoxious, disagreeable and rude.

I can handle that from a personal perspective, but Iím saddened that Dan and a respectable franchised motor dealer from Holland have been driven away by such antics. These represent just those that Iím aware of in the short time Iíve been around.

I dare say that others, less bold, have been intimidated into silence when their input to this forum might have been of value.

I personally donít believe that simply locking threads (that ignorant people such as this torpedo) is the answer. The imposition of standards of decent behaviour is IMHO essential to the development of forums such as this.

Before I make an offer to send free magazines I wish to be assured that the animal element is going to be controlled. I simply donít want to go to the effort and expense, only to have the investment destroyed by a small group of Luddites.

12-11-03, 02:45 PM
Must say I'm not sure about the Luddite part, but I totally agree with the rest, this forum has degenerated into a gigantic p1ss take and slag off competition.. not what I'm here for..... I trust Louise can see the "funny" side of the recent "Balloon" post for I think it's totally out of order and, not "in the best possible taste"
;( ;( ;( :} :}

12-11-03, 02:48 PM
Chill out mate,just go with the flow!!
We dont mean to be rude and generally i am born to be a bloody good bloke!!
Now about those magazines..........................

12-11-03, 02:51 PM
not "in the best possible taste"
>;( ;( ;( :} :}

You do have a sense of humour really dont you,you sound like the late Kenny Everett:7

12-11-03, 03:00 PM
It's the "flow" that worries me..it's turning into a sewer...When I first joined the forum a year or so back, the banter was just that, banter, good laugh's, a few dummy's being spit out of course but generally good to be in the "mix"...Now.smut, rudeness has become part and parcell of the forum and no I'm not a prude, just a decent hard working bloke trying to build a Cobra, looking for help from time to time and, getting very tired of all this...If that's the way the "flow" is going,.. I'm out.
Charlie.;( ;(

12-11-03, 03:13 PM
Hear hear Den, although I must say it is difficult when you get some people putting their "opinions" on the forum, not to reply, which makes it look like there are some arguments going on.
If this was a private/subscription only forum, then that'd be OK, but this is the face the CRC shows to the world and I for one am not surprised it's turning people away.
Maybe we should have new guidelines that people with disagreements should just communicate by email or at least keep all the ructions to a private area. Just a thought.
Me..I love everybody....{-}


12-11-03, 03:54 PM

I have not been keeping on top of what has been going on in depth as I have some personal challenges that I need to deal with at the moment, however I have been looking through the site this afternoon and have become increasingly disillusioned with what has been posted, said or intimated.

I really don't see why you have to air your views on the Cobra Club site, you have your own site, why not put a forum up there for you to air your views. That keeps the issue where it should be. If you would like me to install a forum on your site for you, I would be more than happy to do that.

You could bring a lot of value to the club members we have here, however at the moment, all we seem to be getting is a whole host of arguments, attacks and justifications of actions. That has to stop and if it means that your account is disabled, then so be it.

To everyone else.

I am at a loss with what to do here. I could turn this into a moderated forum, where I check each post and either delete or edit accordingly, but we are not 14 year olds, we are adults, so that should be your remit, not mine. Check what you post before posting it, think about whom will be reading this forum, anyone who is interested in Cobras or fast cars, be it male or female.

I will from now on delete anything that doesn't fit into the ethos of the CLUB site. The following is an extract of the AUP for the site and I will now strictly adhere to this. 3. Vulgar, Abusive, Racist, and Sexist Language will not be tolerated.

I will need some assistance with this, so I am asking for volunteers to be moderators of the forum to assist me in bringing the forum back to where we were.

We can all deal with banter, but lets just keep it to banter and nothing further. Read your post and ask if the person was standing in front of you, would you say that.

12-11-03, 04:04 PM
Top bloke.

12-11-03, 04:06 PM
That's great. Good to have you involved to bring all this nonsense to a head and hopefully institute some acceptable code of conduct. It really has been getting too bad and is a poor advert for our otherwise fine website. Let's keep to Cobra business, no foul language and no personal vendettas.

12-11-03, 04:15 PM

As an aside, please feel free to give me a call if you need to understand where I am coming from, my number is in the mag. If you don't have the number, then let me know and I will email it to you.

Probably best to ask my wife for my mobile number if I am not in.

This also stands for any other members of the club and forum.

12-11-03, 04:59 PM
Den, I totally agree with your sentiments on the language and about the spats that have been going on lately. I hope that you will continue to use this forum, as you have already shown, you have a wealth of knowledge to inpart on us which is invaluable. But please will you stop winding people up, by keep going on about your fight with Filby. If you were to just keep this subject out of so many of your posts I think you would have a lot easier time on the forum. We all know what has gone on and I just wish you would leave it alone and stick to the question that was asked in the first place, and I hope certain other people can just keep off the bad language as there is no need for it.

Martin :tu :tu

12-11-03, 05:31 PM
first class rob, I thought this site is about cobras not vendetas. I have noticed in several posts by different people that they state that they speak there mind. This is an excuse to be down right rude to people and expect no come back.
We are all human beings and expect to be treated the way we treat others, and nobody likes to be slagged off...especially in public. I believe that if I treat people with respect, then i deserve respect.

No Den I do not believe that giving 2000 magazines away will make people think you are a nice guy.

When people ask for advice they do not wish to be told that the car they drive is a piece of sh*t. They wish to have other peoples opinion or they would not have asked.****But there is a right and a wrong way of telling them your opinion**** It is called TACT, and costs nothing.

I have stayed out of this banter but enough is enough.


Dax SC
12-11-03, 07:01 PM
Just want to get something off my chest-

I visit this site nearly every day, and have done so for nearly 4 years, and while I'm by no means a long term member, I don't think anyone could classify me a newbie.
I don't post a great deal, only when I think my input maybe useful to someone, and more importantly I have received a lot of help from members when posting a question during my build process.

I feel however that the direction of some posts leaves a lot to be desired. Light hearted banter is great, but some people I think have crossed the line on occasions. Everyone, without exception has something positive to contribute to this forum. The recent treatment of Den has been dispicable. His past history may have been the subject of debate on other forums, but I have limited knowledge of this and find it interesting. Secondly, I don't blame Den if he doesn't waste his time with us anymore. That would be a great shame, as his knowledge of the Cobra industry is probably greater than the rest of us put together. Maybe we all have the right to say what ever we want, but some individuals have double standards, by wanting to remove or insult people they don't agree with.

So, lets all have a group hug and get on with the business of talking Cobra's

Mark Smith
Dax 383 Chevy Stroker/Tremec TKO
Telford Shropshire
UK Agent www.enginefactory.com
The complete turnkey Ford/Chevy V8

Purple AK
12-11-03, 07:16 PM
At the risk of repeating myself!
:tu :tu :tu :tu :tu
Right Hon Purple AK

12-11-03, 07:34 PM
i vote eric as forum moderator!{-}

all joking aside i think we ought to get back to how it was when i joined this club(bout 5-6 months ago i think)

less waffle of filby/tanner/pilgrim sumo/suspension collapsing/court case/lies and breakdowns.

see within 3 weeks i know den`s life story!!!


12-11-03, 07:37 PM
Well done, if I can help please let me know, however, the only thing I moderate is the wifes spending!!! wasting good money on food, clothes etc when it could be spent on a good causes, golf club subscriptions, new tyres, paint job from SMS, stuff like that..
Happy Bunny Now
Charlie.:tu :tu :tu

12-11-03, 07:50 PM
Thanks for your support! I wasnít entirely sure about the reference to Luddites either. For the record, I was thinking of sad people, who driven by their own inadequacies and insecurities, throw spanners into other peoples machines.

Thankfully Charlie dealt with your advice in much the same way as I would have. Not that Iím asking for one, but I think I was due an apology, not condescension.

I know exactly what youíre driving at in relation to my answering questions that I wasnít actually asked. Let me explain that I was Ďtesting the waterí to gauge both opinions and attitudes (mainly toward me). Please understand that Iím not complaining about whatís been said of me for myself but for people like Dan who became a victim of the same kind of vociferous attack because he dared to say that he was interested. Also, I was genuinely embarrassed concerning how such shameful behaviour had been read by the Dutch businessman who was seeking help, but failed to get any.

You may be assured that, if I do hang around and thatís by no means certain given Robertís response, I shall not Ďcross-threadsí in respect to answering questions that havenít been put to me.

Iíll deal with your response separately, if thatís all the same to you. Iíll just say for now that Iím very pleased with what youíve said and am fully behind your efforts to clean-up. That applies whether I stay or am ejected.

I hope you get your domestic troubles cleared and behind you.

Keep up the good work.

dave jenkins
12-11-03, 08:10 PM
Den, I for one value you input, although the I think Filby thing has run it's course, on this forum at least, (though I realise for you it may take a lot longer to get it out of your system).

There are plenty of other topics on the go for anyone who's not interested in any particular thread. It's simple realy, read the opening post and if your not interested read no more.

As for certain issues being "off topic" check the interest by looking at the number of views, interesting eh?

Anyway, as the Fiero topic was closed,

You'll lose to France }( }( }(

and remember, "we sh#g em, you eat em" {-} {-} {-}

:tu :tu

12-11-03, 08:22 PM
This isnít the detailed response I was going to post. That shall come later.

For the time being, please take a look at this:-

Looks like Eric still ďfind(s) nothing re my language that is confrontational I will speak as I find no matter how upset the puritans of this world are affected!Ē

Quite apart from itís general offensiveness and lack of literacy itís entirely factually inaccurate too!

He just hasnít got it, has he?

12-11-03, 08:43 PM
Russ, thanks for you vote of confidence, thanks but NO thanks if you get my drift!! I have enjoyed this forum for a long length of time and even at my old age and experience excluding the banter have learned a lot, not only about cobras and there working parts but peoples views in all aspect of life. I have not posted a lot in recent weeks due to recent events posted by Kit Car Man. He seems to be on a mission from God, and dictates his supremacy & achievements and his empires to all. By his own admission he unfortunately has suffered a nervous break down; that can happen to any of us.

I have been ask to return to the forum by popular request which I have done for the moment. As I have previously stated the man in question has ample space and opportunity to dig up old vendetta's & publicize if he so wishes in his own magazines without bringing them here on this site as he did on piston heads. Eric

12-11-03, 10:10 PM
When i first got my cobra(viper) i was pleased as punch.
I decided to join the club and forum and have up till recently really enjoyed my cobra,but i have to admit i am fed up with the slagging off of certain kits,from certain individuals.
I firmly believe that this club of ours is nothing short of snobby and damn right stuck up.It all seems to have gone to pot has this site.
You cant blame people for getting pissed off with you den,when you infer how shite our kits are.I appreciate what you have gone through in the past and maybe going through now,i never had a problem with you until you stated how crap our kit was.
i am proud to own a cobra but with all the snotty snobery that has gone on,i wonder if i should have maybe got a robin hood instead.
I know that in my area you wouldnt have got the prattling and waffling that you get in this club.:} :} :}

simon finlay
12-11-03, 10:35 PM
Kev, quite frankly I don't care what make your Cobra is, the fact of the matter is YOU have one, YOU love it and YOU should be proud of it. Don't worry what other poeple say about it and try and realise that the majority of the members in this club are there for you. I started of with a Pilgrim, one of the very first, in fact I actually took the photos of it that went in the very first brouchure(remember Den?)and I loved it. It was 2ltr powered, the V6 and took me all over Europe, to Le Mans and many other places. I lusted after a DAX or similar but reality gave me the Pilgrim and yes I got the odd nasty remark but in general they were good. Now I have my DAX but I wouldn't say I was any more proud. The fact of the matter is that I, and the majority of this club's members want to support you all the way and will do so when others have found other things to moan about. You enjoy your Viper and know that if at any time I am in my DAX in your neck of the woods I would be delighted to been seen out on the road with you. Yes there are some snobs in every situation, but they tend to be out numbered by the NICE BLOKES:tu :tu :tu Simon F

12-11-03, 11:46 PM
Yes, I remember you. I also remember the fact that you never got the pictures I promised either. Iím glad that youíre still into Cobras. Perhaps youíd be kind enough to give me a character reference when Eric, Kev and Skid next stick their uninformed ore into my character.

Just as I suspected, you donít even read my posts before condemning what Iíve said. You state ďi never had a problem with you until you stated how crap our kit wasĒ, but the truth is that Iíve never said that. Did I?

The closest I came to such a description concerned a particular part finished kit on e-bay which I (correctly, I believe) described as a Ďturdí. That description, I made crystal clear in subsequent postings, wasnít because it was a Viper but because it was an unknown entity that clearly required a mountain of work. We never even established exactly what it was. If you recall, it had narrow front arches and a Ďcardboard boxí air scoop on the bonnet. Not characteristic of Viper, eh!

For your information, I donít have a problem with Viper. Particularly of the variety supplied by Bob Busbridge at Cobretti. I do have a problem with Ken Cooke because he, in his capacity as director of Brightwheel, was responsible for a lot of people loosing a great deal of money. Additionally he had a temperament which, let me say, would fit very well with you, Eric and Skid-Mark. Oh, nearly forgot Ė I had a couple of personal and legal run-ins with him too.

Even if I did say that I believed that Vipers werenít very good, would that justify your calling me ďDirty DenĒ and saying of me and Dan ďI really have to question the calibre of people we are getting on this site.Weirdos are not welcome. . .Ē and saying that ďAs far as i am concerned, Eric should stick to his guns and say whats on his mind, . . .Ē which was ďYou my friend are a little shiite and you know itĒ.

Then after reading all that others have said on this thread you basically reiterate your intellectually bankrupt position AND go over to Ericís new thread to say AMEN. At the least, Iíd say you need a controlling influence.

A bit of advice. If you said half as much, youíd look twice as clever. If you said nothing at all youíd not show your ignorance at all. Take it or leave it, but please donít argue. If you do see the need to address me, please use my correct name or tag.

In respect to Ďthe otherí thread posted by intellectual Eric. He makes strong assertions that I was in some way responsible for the imprisonment of Ken Cooke. Much as I would have liked to have been, the pleasure was all somebody elseís. Would you please leave that thread unlocked. My giving a detailed account as to exactly what happened will, I believe, yield 3 benefits. It will show the extent of Ericís ignorance, whilst helping to clear my name and reputation on that specific point and will be genuinely interesting (for those who want to know) and entertaining.

Apart from other considerations, I believe it would be wrong to allow uninformed (and dare I say libelous) nonsense to appear without the accused being given a right to reply.

simon finlay
13-11-03, 08:39 AM
Den, I am sorry but I am not taking sides on this issue, it has gone to far already and I like many others are sick of the way our site is going. It would not be fair of me to give anyone a characture reference after a period of 15 years has passed since I last met them, for all I know you could have become an undercover axe murderer and me a compulsive liar(only joking). :-) :-) :-) Simon F

13-11-03, 08:49 AM
Thanks simon,
Its nice to know that there are some bloody good blokes out there still!!cheers mate:tu

13-11-03, 09:15 AM