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22-02-04, 12:54 PM
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A new colonel was visiting his troops who were training on salisbury plain. He walked into their hut and did an inspection,but found that the mess table was badly scored. He called over the sergeant and said Im not happy with this it looks like her Majesties property is being defaced! The sergeant went a bit red and said " well sir its like this, the lads havent got much to do out here when theyre off duty so they have a sort of competition to see who has got the biggest Willy, they lay it on the table and score a mark at he end. Ah I see said the colonel, and to prove he was one of the lads he had a go too. There! he said to the assembled troop not only am I one of the lads Ive managed to beat you all! Embarassed the sergeant sidled up to the colonel and said The lads normally stand the other side of the table sir.

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