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Barry Davolls
26-10-03, 07:01 PM
Can anyone recommend a good source of detailed information for rebuilding powerlok diffs. I need all the information required for a total rebuild & not just the odd tip offered in most manuals (ie.Haynes etc).

26-10-03, 08:42 PM
To totally rebuild a Jag diff i've been led to believe that there are some "Jaguar only" special tools that are required to set the crownwheel and pinion.
Unless Russell Ram knows different????? What's the story Russell? I could do with this info myself.

Barry Davolls
01-11-03, 06:13 PM
Special tools are available but not essential. Measuring the pinion height, setting mesh & backlash are all achievable using standard measuring equipment.
I`ve since found the data I needed & have near completed my 3.54 rebuild having replaced all bearings. Setup as per manufactures data except in my case I opted for less bearing pre-load.


01-11-03, 06:19 PM
Hi Barry.
If this info is freely available, could you tell me where to get it and or how to do it please as i cannot get axles out of Wards these days and i'm going to have to start doing them in house.


Barry Davolls
01-11-03, 07:57 PM
Sent details by email

04-11-03, 05:21 PM

Similar request to Dave, Im going weigh up the rebuild/get it rebuilt route for my 3.07 P/lock. Do you think you might be able to help?