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04-05-04, 05:11 PM
I am currently waiting for my Dax Tojerio chassis to be built and I am gathering parts together in the meantime, keeping myself amused lest the build date be put back again.:(

Does the late Sierra steering coloumn ("j" reg 91-92)with the round hazzard switch fit, or does it have to be the old (up to 87 I think) square type of hazzard switch. I ask as these switches are not that reliable and Ford are adopting a policy of not supplying parts for cars over 10 yrs old. There is more chance of servicing the 91 set up.

Do I have any other options ? I just have this idea that the newer the parts are that I fit to the kit the better chance I have of it being reliable. I would like to avoid old switch gear with brittle plastic and my local scrappie has three of the late Sierras complete-ish

Cheers all.;)

05-05-04, 04:43 AM
Yes, it is possible to use the later column and switches.

The pin connections for the head lighting are slightly different.

You will have to check it through with a meter to determine which pins do what.

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05-05-04, 07:57 AM
Do you mean that the pins are different to the fittings on the Dax loom ?
If the mechanical stuff fits I should be able to sort out the electrics with a bit of sellotape and a scotch lock, I mean soldering iron and trip to Maplin. :-) :tu

05-05-04, 11:46 AM
As Mark said the later one can be used (I did it).
The horn push is also in the steering wheel centre.
Only minor wiring mods were required to suit the Dax loom.


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05-05-04, 12:14 PM
Cool, I will go find one this weekend :-)