View Full Version : Plea for Sumo carpet templates

Kevin W
02-12-02, 10:55 AM

Resuurecting an old post here, but I know several people got hold of carpet templates via Danny Mann. If anyone has finished with these, or wouldnt mind me making a copy I'd gladly pay for P&P and a tenner for your trouble. Would save me a major amount of hassle, and SWMBO has offered to pay for the carpet for me - trouble is I don't know how much to order.

Altneratively, if you're a sumo builder near the surrey.sussex area, I'll gladly donate to your beer fund if I can draw round your carpets b4 you fit them.


12-11-04, 03:07 PM
sorry it's a little late, but i have a set of sumo carpets under my chair of you want to use them.
i live on basildon in essex if it helps.

17-11-04, 01:52 PM
I would be grateful for a chance to draw around the templates for a mark 3 sumo too or interested in buying an unused carpet set