View Full Version : Replacing cob engine

19-06-03, 09:11 AM
I'm abit of a newbie to kit cars, so here goes.

I've bought a pilgrim sumo cobra with a 2.1 pinto engine, what I would like to know is there alot to do to change to a rover 3.5 v8 engine.

19-06-03, 12:24 PM
You'd need to think of

Engine, gearbox (and clutch), prop shaft (may be different flange), exhaust manifolds (you'll at least need one more plus they will be different fit) plus engine/gearbox mountings. Other than that I would have thought it to be fairly straight forward.

Tony B

21-06-03, 10:10 AM
Add on all your hoses as well - possibly different radiator, maybe fuel pump

Kevin W
14-07-03, 11:19 AM
I think the most improtant question is regarding your back axle. If you have an old Sumo with a live axle rear then you'll need to be confident its in excellent condition to handle the extra torque on the V8. Ifs its sierra/granada based, then you should be OK with suspension and axle components.

Kevin W.