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07-07-03, 07:53 PM
I have the old Pilgrim manual and it does not show the anchorage points for the seat belts on or by the transmission tunnel.

Could anyone post a picture of the position these bolts should go or an explaination a frustrated Pilgrim owner would understand.:} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :}

Many Thanks in anticipation.

m eeley
08-07-03, 01:14 AM
I have a sierra based sumo, completed this year.

I didn't use the pilgrim seat belt anchorages, I positioned my own to suit the harnesses as per Willans installation spec.

However, as far as the pilgrim mountings go, from memory on my chassis (2002) the outer mounting for the lap belt was obvious (a lug) the inner mounting (on the tunnel) was positioned slightly lower but in a similar position.

These holes should be pre drilled. I don't remember there being any choice.

Daz Johnston
20-10-03, 10:10 PM
I am in the process of fitting my seatbelts, starting with the inertia reels and top swivels. I have not bolted the body down yet so I lifted it off the chassis, climbed into the boot space and drilled the mounting holes out from the inside. No problems there, the holes are widened out to full size for the bolts.

The question is, what bolts to use to mount the inertia reels? The top swivels are pretty straight forward since the nuts mounted in the metal plate in the body are fixed and I have 'proper' 8.8 bolts to put in them. Where the inertia reels fit, however, is a different story as there are no nuts there; the holes are just that - holes. I have tentatively used 10mm bolts (with 8.8 marking) with Nyloc nuts to mount the inertia reels. Do I need to get a specific bolt type? And do I need to find some way of getting a nut stuck onto the back of the fibre glass to make it proper captive.

Other than that, all is well.


21-10-03, 08:09 AM

In the new manual it tells you to use 7/16 UNF bolts with large washers either side of the body and bolted up, leave enough of the bolt sticking out to mount the reel on, with a further nut.

Hope this helps..



Keith S
21-10-03, 03:26 PM
I think that you will find that the 7/16" nuts and bolts are an SVA requirement, from memory this is what the Pilgrim new manual says anyway.

Daz Johnston
22-10-03, 07:24 PM
Thanks Guys



David Horsnell
23-10-03, 11:01 AM
I've heard that alot of people have trouble with the "female" seatbelt socket and its position being too far back for the SVA. It's position is fixed by the mounting being welded to the chassis. Most seem to use a longer stalked socket from a transit.

Has anyone mounted the socket onto to the seat runner so it moves with the seat just as in most (if not all) of todays production cars, and got through the SVA ?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


(waiting for SVA date):9

25-10-03, 07:35 PM
It seems some of the bodyshells didn't have the nuts fixed to the "T" bar on the lower mounting points. I had this problem too and was advised to cut two large holes into the bulkhead and either fill them with fibreglass or fit speakers. (I'd already fixed the shell in place and tank etc.)
The only other way is to remove your tank.

You must use 7/16" UNF ON ALL SEATBELT mounts else you'll fail the SVA.


02-11-03, 10:18 AM
They also need to be 8.8 grade
Oh well, done it again! :tu