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07-07-03, 10:50 PM
I had a visit from MAXGD059 earlier today who took my missus and i out for a spin in his GD cobra with underslung exhausts, thanks richard, i must admit it sounded fantastic, my question is, have many sumo owners gone down the underslung route and if you have is there much ground clearance??
Also do any tall drivers have problems being too tall for the sumo cockpit and have there heads over the windscreen???

thanks all

Kevin W
09-07-03, 05:00 PM
I beleive the GD has more ground clearance for underslungs compared to most other cobs.

I dount you;de have problems in a sumo as the seat mountings are angled so that in fully back position you are a couple of inches lower than sveeral other types of cob. Sumo footwells are also more roomy compared to others (I suspect because the engine is further forward than most other cobs).


25-07-03, 06:52 AM
Hi Tony

Just a thought..........

I have just priced up the parts required to make up my own underslung system, which includes 2 silencers per side (RV8)and the total cost is about 100, thats 300 less than pilgrim. Obviously you then have the welding to sort out but even if you had to tap up a local chap to do it for you there is still a big saving.

I have a pattern (pipe sizes/bends etc)which I beleive will work, if it does I can let you have it if you like ? I am making mine up this coming week.


' and it was going oh so well '

25-07-03, 08:45 AM
Morning Dave,
yes I'd definately be interested in looking at your patterns, do you believe there is enough ground clearance on a Sumo for underslungs? What do you estimate the ground clearance will be as there are some very overweight sleeping policemen in my area?