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17-08-03, 10:50 PM
I've recently acquired a mk2 Sumo built 1994. Donor vehicle was a '79 or '80 Granada Ghia. The Sumo carries the donor car's registration so I assume all parts are from this one vehicle, although I believe the engine was a reconditioned unit bought at the same time but not necessarily the original.

The car has the usual 2.8 Cologne engine with a four-speed gearbox. I would like to change this for a five-speed box and have been trying to source a suitable gearbox from local breaker's yards in my area. (Maidstone, Kent.) I have been having little luck. Granada-compatible gearboxes seem to be in very short supply and I have been receiving conflicting advice as to which gearbox I should be using and whether any additional modifications are required - e g to bellhousing or propshaft. Can anyone help?

Also, it has been suggested that I need to use the diff unit from a 2litre Granada when fitting a five-speed box. Is this correct?

The most-often recommended gearbox is an NT75 unit - does this sound correct? I have been in touch with several specialist transmission firms to price up a reconditioned gearbox and have received quotes varying from 250 to over 500. Can anyone advise me what one should expect to pay for a suitable recon unit?

Henry Piper

19-08-03, 12:46 PM
haven't bought from them yet but these guys were quite helpfull when i spoke to them


Mike H
19-08-03, 07:38 PM
Hi Henry - wow there are two of us at last, I too have a MKII Sumo built early 90's from a MKII Granada 1981 vintage.

Guess what....I am not able to get any "good" info as my box is a bit ropey.

My car also has a cologne V6, the box fitted is a type 9 or type N - the only difference I am (un-)reliabley informed is the length of the input shaft the "right one" for my car has the long input shaft that is carried in a needle roller bearing in the flywheel, I accidently bought a short shaft version which will "fit" but clearly isnt exactly correct - even the Granada Club cant tell me which is correct (FYI - the long shaft version wont stand up on the bell housing)

I am pretty sure you need a Type 9 or N box, I have a call in with a few peoples so if I find out more I'll give you a shout, I may have a spare bell housing soon as well if you get stuck)

You may want to ask "perky" on this forum, he had a late 70's V6 with a 5 speed box (the one I bought by accident - my fault not Dave's I hasten to add.)


Lots of babble but hope it is some help.....

21-08-03, 08:43 PM
To Bones4 and Mike H

Thanks for your help and advice re my gearbox query. I have today spoken to Tick Over in Bexleyheath and found them very helpful. I hd a long chat with their engineer and we've sorted out all my major queries.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for sensible advice about gearboxes - and their prices are very reasonable as well!


Henry Piper