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10-10-03, 11:16 PM
I have wired up the Speedo and have a few problems.

The Speedo is the ETB type with the calibration button, I rang ETB to make sure I had the correct setting (based on tyre size and dif ratio) so I am satisfied that the Speedo is set up ok.

Here’s the problem, when I drive in reverse the Speedo reads out !! also when I drive forwards the Speedo does not go much beyond 10mph.

Any ideas as to what is wrong would be appreciated,


' and it was going oh so well '

11-10-03, 12:04 AM
Same problem as you. found out that the sender wasn't picking up the fins on the wheel. Also I suspect that the calibration you are using doesn't work. I bent all the fins back except one and stuck a magnet on it then took it to my local garage with a rolling road. They then set it up on the road and now works fine.

They did suggest that you could wire it up to the anti lock brake sensor/s as this would be quite sensitive.

Paul B
13-10-03, 10:00 PM

Are you using the daisywheel provided by Pilgrim ?

I found that the sensor could be too close to the daisywheel and thus giving the sensor insufficient time to see the gap between the petals.

I moved the sensor away to about 5 - 7 mm and have had no problems since.

NOTE:_ You MUST mount the sensor on the diff otherwise the movement of the diff, when taking up the drive (when you let the clutch up) will allow the propshaft to move with the diff (on the rubber mount) cause the sensor to crash into the daisywheel and thus causing you to ring Tony Holmes and ask for another...... just like me!

Have fun !!

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David Horsnell
14-10-03, 08:49 PM
I too knackered the Pilgrim Daisy wheel by mounting the sensor on the chassis.

I rang ETB and got their "daisy wheel" which a solid wheel with holes in it which the sensor is lined up with. It's much sronger than the Pilgrim wheel, it's galvanised and cost £26.

I then made up a bracket to mount the sensor onto the diff. I've got a 2.9 Granada diff which seems to be alot larger than the smaller Sierra diffs and I had trouble getting the sensor to line up properly but got there in the end.

If anyone wants the template for the mounting bracket (complete with dimensions) let me know and I'll either try and scan in and email or send in post.



14-10-03, 11:28 PM
Electronic speedos all register speed when in reverse.
They also add the miles on in reverse, rather than take them off like mechanical ones used to!!

This is because they only count the number of pulses sent to them and so are not "aware" of direction of rotation.


15-10-03, 08:24 AM
Hi Paul, Frosty,Dave, David, Simon

Thanks to you all for the input. It looks like I need to experiment with the distance between the wheel and the sensor, I am less concerned now about readings in reverse given the advice from Simon.

I will have a look at this at the weekend and post results of my efforts afterwards.

Thanks to all

' and it was going oh so well '

paul h
15-10-03, 09:41 PM
I had the same problem with my ETB speedo, which was set up with a 3mm gap.

I rang ETB and they sugested that I reduce the gap to 2mm.

Iv'e now done this and it works fine (passed SVA test today)

It seems that different gaps work in different circumstances. I would ring ETB again and see what they suggest, It worked for me

Good luck,

Paul H

16-10-03, 03:56 PM
My advise probably isn't worth much as I'm running using magnets on the prop instead of the daisy wheel. However, I have the same calibratable instrument. I set the pulses to 5600 and was only 1mph out at 70.

If your are faily confident the daisy wheel has been setup the correct distance and you are able to drive the car, how about using the AutoCalc function of the instrument. You will need to have measured a mile circuit. Once you have completed it will tell you the number of pulses it has received.

You should only panic if it reads 0. (Although I do believe it says F00)

You are also able to config/fine tune the speedo on the rolling road whilst @ the SVA - Just ask the inspector very nicely if you can sit in the car and operate the jog adjuster.

I was surprised by how much you are able to get away with. The requirements state that a displayed speed of 58 whilst maintaining a road speed of 70 is acceptable..