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30-11-03, 02:49 PM

For my mate and I, this is week 2. I have started to assemble the front suspension. I managed to find a 12mm drill bit, and with a bit of effort both the upper and lower wishbones are now in place.

I've put the dampers on and the uprights, but think I may have incorrect nuts for my bolts - For attaching the damper to the chassis and the lower bracket.

The nuts and bolts all come from the bag supplied by Pilgrim. I am trying to use the 16mm (shortest and stubbiest) bolts, which there are 8 of, and the largest nuts (of which there are 8 - so I assume they go together). However the nuts do not fit the bolts. Has anyone else had this problem?

The second question is...Is there a nut and bolt supplied to tighten the mushroom into the upright, or should I have the one from the donar car?

I have added a picture to highlight the areas I mean.


Again (like my last question) working on the weekend means I can't phone Pilgrim until Monday.

All comments welcome.



(ps thanks to Steve Gathercol - http://www.softstar.co.uk - for the use of the images. Not my car you see!

Thanks Steve.


30-11-03, 04:11 PM

You need to source the 10mm bolts for 'nipping' up the mushroom, either use the exisitng 10mm thread and use a bolt or drill through and use a nut and bolt. I replaced all the donor required bolts/nuts with new ones from Namrick.

As for the damper bolts, yes the 16mm nuts and bolts are the ones to use, the nuts should fit the bolts, very strange...

If there is a problem , I am sure Tony at Pilgrim will sort you out quickly :-)



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30-11-03, 10:09 PM
Is it possible whilst fitting (forcing) the bolts through the holes that you have damaged the threads slightly and that is why the nuts will not fit? :tu

01-12-03, 07:00 PM
No, the thread is fine on the bolts, I tried them even before fitting the dampers - I like to pair them all off before I start!

Anyway, I phoned Pilgrim this afternoon and spoke to Mike. After some discussion he said it seems as if the nuts packaged with the bolts are incorrect, and Pilgrim will forward the correct ones on.

As for the pinch bolt for the mushroom, I have to source that myself.

Thanks for the feedback though.