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04-01-04, 02:49 PM
Hi Guys,
How has anyone fitted the rad to thier sumo,does it come with brackets or did you fabricate your own.I,m using a Transit 4 row rad as I need extra cooling due to the Nos kit

05-01-04, 08:40 PM

Like you, I did not purchase my rad from Pilgrim (choosing to source one myself and save 40 in the process). It may be that Tony provides the brackets with the rads he supplies. However, the brackets are not difficult to make and only take a small degree of thought and a little muscle. I used a 2" wide, 6" long, strip of mild steel (which was about 2mm thick (excuse me mixing my measures, I am a 60's child brought up in th turmoil of decimilization)). This I bent to so that it would bolt to the top of the upper front cross member and connect, via a Mini exhaust bobbin, to the upper mounting points on the rad. The bottom rad mounting points were attached direct to the lower front cross member (holes already drilled). The bottom mounts take the weight while the upper bobbins provisde an element of anti-vibration. I hope this helps.


Keith S
06-01-04, 08:51 AM
I fitted my rad in the same way as Neil with one difference.
I have fitted mini exhaust bobbins to the bottom mount so the rad is entirely rubber mounted. The one slight obstacle is that the bobbin is too fat to go into the pre drilled chassis hole due to the adjacent chassis member. I solved this by grinding a flat on the side of the bobbin and it all works finex(

06-01-04, 06:23 PM
Thanks guys
that was along the lines i was thinking of but the mini bobbings are a better idea than what i was going to use.Thanks