View Full Version : Granada Brake Calipers

Phil McCann
11-02-04, 07:28 AM
Hi Guys

I am building up my brakes with new discs, calipers, pads etc. The flexi pipes I got from Pilgrim have a fairly long threaded portion at each end, and only screw into the caliper by a few threads leaving a bit of thread exposed. Is this correct?
Should I just tighten it up as is, and leave some thread exposed, or does it need tightened up plus a locknut or similar fitting at the caliper end?



Keith S
11-02-04, 12:38 PM
I'm sure that it's OK without, but I got some nuts from the Ford dealer and put those on as locknuts,:tu

11-02-04, 02:32 PM

I also asked this question and ended up doing as Keith has suggested. Seems to be fine at the moment with a lock nut.