View Full Version : MOT fail sorted, SVA next

21-02-04, 11:27 AM
MOT faile sorted, the high hydrocarbons were due to a duff plug, (No 4 was wet when removed), how unlucky can you get, one of the new plugs must have failed whilst the Sumo was sitting there for half an hour on tickover, (they wanted to make sure the engine was warm !), well at least I know it doesn't overheat now.

Very impressed with the ride and performance to and from the MOT, even the speedo worked fine.The chap at the station said this was the first Cobra he had been able to get into and drive, (he is a large 6 footer).

Ignition light sorted, (new replacement Alternator) FOC.

Oh well SVA on Tues, still waiting for the Pilgrim SVA kit though..


:tu :tu

Daz Johnston
21-02-04, 03:22 PM

I sent my SVA kit back on Thursday (first class), so they should at least be able to turn that round to get it to you for Mon morning! If it has a cracked plastic surrond on the offside wing mirror, repaired with Araldite, that was the one I had. It was broken when it turned up and I fixed it. The SVA tester was happy with it, even though they are nasty mirrors!


22-02-04, 09:33 AM
shame about the MOT but good luck for Tuesday Steve, hope it all goes well for you. I have my MOT booked for Tuesday and i've asked for SVA on Friday the 5th March, we'll have to wait and see :tu
Keep us all informed about your SVA experienves :tu