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26-04-03, 07:01 PM
Hi all,

just when I thought Id got everything sorted out the clutch appears to be slipping. Once Ive got the clutch up in any gear I can accelerate, decelerate, almost stall the engine and it doesnt slip, but when I try to change gears fast the clutch lags a bit. I.E once the clutch pedal is up the clutch is still trying to bite, it only lasts for around 0.5 a second but it isnt instant. Its a standard Dax setup, hydraulic clutch master and slave. Im guessing the pressure plate is on its wayout, but this is going to be a big job to drop the box off and replace the clutch so am I thinking on the right lines?:} :}

Barry Davolls
29-04-03, 08:41 PM
Might be contamination of the clutch plates rather than the pressure plate itself (ie crankshaft seal oil leak?). either way, I suspect you will have to strip & inspect.

30-04-03, 08:31 AM
Don't forget the simple things first, (as I did). It may well be the slave cylinder. Is it a new one or does it at least have new seals? I'm a bit suspicious that your clutch only slips with your lightning gears changes & it may well be that their is some impediment in the slave preventing the clutch biting properly straight away. This happened to me, & I changed the clutch before I found it out. I had an old SD1 slave cylinder but put new seals in it as a matter of course. The problem was only solved by a complete new slave, & been fine since.

Best of luck

(It'll only be a five minute job)