View Full Version : SD1 gearbox Oil ?

03-05-03, 05:46 PM
I am not sure as to what oil I should put in my SD1 gearbox. Someone mentioned a 50/50 mix of engine oil and ATF .

Does this sound right ?, seems a bit strange to me..

From what I can gather most peopl ejust use ATF.



03-05-03, 06:55 PM

Nope NOT ATF. Just for the record again - Rover only specified ATF for LT77 so that old Grannies could select second and third gear in their SD1's when the gearbox was stone cold. Standard gear oil slowed the synchro process to much making the box 'crunch' on cold changes.

Latest spec oil for Rover R380 boxes (the same as LT77 essentially) is Texaco MTF94 - a multigrade semi-sythetic oil. Use a good quality 75W-90 semi-synth gear oil like Valvoline or Redline. Just beware that the shifts will be a little slower than a modern box when cold.


03-05-03, 08:12 PM

Cheers, thanks for the info and the very informative reply, (my missus say's I am an old grannie !}. :-)