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17-05-03, 05:49 PM
Hi all

Finally I think I may be getting my hands on a Cobra, correctly registered and everything! Yeeeeeha!!

I've seen the various information re oil pressure on an RV8 (25psi at 2000rpm, ish?), but what I'd like to check is the oil pressure manually.

A chap selling a RAM with an RV8 in it has got a rather useless oil pressure guage (first segment is 50psi), so the oil pressure looks low and the oil light comes on. It sounds sweet, pulls well, etc, etc.

How do I go about double checking the oil pressure manually?

If it is low (ie sub 15 psi at tickover), am I right in assuming it'll possibly need a bottom end rebuild? How long can you safely last before this needs to be done, if you dont rag the pants of of it?




18-05-03, 05:56 PM

RV8's are usually very tolerant. Just look at the RPIV8 website to see the state of some of the engines they get in their workshop for rebuild.

I would say if there was anything major wrong with the engine you should be able to hear it.
If the car looks good in all other respects I suggest that you splash out for a gauge of the correct pressure rating (or perhaps someone in the forum has one you could borrow) and connect that to the engine take-off point to test the pressure.

Anyway, even if you decide to replace the ends and mains it is a job that can be done with the engine in the car (I've just done it in my DAX) providing you can get the sump off in-situ. Means lieing on your back though, unless you know someone with a pit.

The Ends shells are easy. To do the Main shells you push the old ones out with a thick shim or flexible rule and then slide the new ones around the journal into place.


27-05-03, 12:34 PM
>>If it is low (ie sub 15 psi at tickover), am I right in assuming it'll possibly need a bottom end rebuild?

Either that or more oil of the correct rating...
Sounds really low if the oil lights coming on, My freshly built rover has 40'ish at tickover. As already stated the rover can run with low preasure but the warning light is there for only one reason and shouldn't be ignored.

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