View Full Version : Gearstick help

02-06-03, 01:59 PM
I need advice - I'm fitting a T5 gearbox from a TVR Chimera, but I don't need the linkage that the TVR uses, so I need to fit a gearstick to the orogonal shifter that sticks out of the top of the box - but what can I use???

I have looked at the cosworth gearstick, and apart from being 60, it's cranked over so would interfere with the handbrake.

All I need is a 8" straight stick, with a 2" flat section on the bottom with two holes for M8 screws to pass through. If it had a thread on the top to match the TVR ally knob, then that would be ideal.

I could make one, but it would be easier to use or adapt an off the shelf one.

Any advice welcome.