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10-07-03, 02:35 AM
:-( I have just this week purcased a SD1 rover engine it was from a scap yard and has about 3/4 of an SU carb two alternators no core plugs the sump and oil fitler look like they have been taken to with a 28lb sledge so the guys at this yard said ok fifty quid so I have the engine taken to work and I stip down to find the crank shaft is in perfect nic the cam shaft could be better the lifers have all collapsed but the egine has been completely reshelled the heads had been polished not skimmed and th block was also polished fortunatly we had our group engineer who tells me the engine is fine in respects of being warped
I have come to the stage where I want to star putting it back together can anyone tell me without being silly which way do the pistons face is there a thust side to the piston if so how is it marked and has anyone got some old SU's they don't want as I can't afford a weber just yet and I want to see if I can get the engine to run first before I start shelling out loads Of dosh On tuning stuff
I am prepared to pay for the SU's but nothing to pricey

also can anyone suggest a good ignition system as I have two v8s and no ignition between the two

Thank you Pictus:-( :-( :)

10-07-03, 11:06 AM
I'm not too far from you (West Byfleet), and I have two complete manifold/carb sets you can have for free if you come and get them.

11-07-03, 03:54 PM
Invest in a Haynes manual,you wont get far without it.
If you've cleaned the top of the pistons you will see they have "front" stamped on the outer edge. Also the rods have an indentifaction boss that must face forward on theright bank and backwards on theleft bank.You will need Mr Haynes for torque settings etc.
Best ignition set-up (imo) is the Mallory unilite distributor and coil.See Real Steel for details.
Steve G {-}
GE427-Rover 281ci.