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13-07-03, 06:05 PM
Oh dear, not my weekend..

I tried priming the oil pump on my RV8, just as everyone has told me , packed with vasaline and used the RPI tool in the end of my drill.

With the rocker box off, I had a very, very small flow of oil, not enough to turn off the oil light.

After nearly buring out my drill, I removed the filter and gave the drill a brief spin and oil + vasaline shot over the garage floor.

Put the filter back on on now not even the small dribble I had before..

any idea's ??

:( :( :(

13-07-03, 06:35 PM
do you have a remote filter housing, or is this a standard RV8 filter in the block?

13-07-03, 09:03 PM
I have the normal Rover pump/filter setup.

I have now removed the pump, (bugger to get those little star screws undone), anyway looking inside the cover housing I saw that the relief valve was stuck fully open, I could even see the end as it hadn't entered it's bore.

Just touched it with the screwdriver, and it shot home like a ferret down a hole. Hopefully that was the problem, but I have no more Vaseline left, will try again tomorrow night.



Happy Jim
14-07-03, 10:22 AM

Make sure that the hoses are not switched around the wrong way if you are using a remote filter, it's very easy to do and you will end up with zero circulation due to the valve inside the oil filter. Can't remember which way round they go but I can have a look tonight if you like



15-07-03, 12:48 AM
re-packed the pump with Vaseline, re-fitted and primed again with the drill, oil light immediately went out and pressure gauge rose up to 50 ish with my knackered drill.

Oil light now goes out just by turning over on the starter. Pressure relief valve was the problem. I was also surprised not to see loads of oil squirting out from the rockers covering my garage wall like I am used to with a 4 cylinder OHC. Seems Rovers just sort of squeeze the oil out more sedately.

Anyway happy now, time to sort the ignition out..


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